The Life of Yellowstone Kelly

Author: Jerry Keenan
Publisher: UNM Press
ISBN: 0826340350
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Based on Kelly's memoirs and correspondence, this is the first full-length biography of an extraordinary man of the American West.

Yellowstone Kelly The Memoirs Of Luther S Kelly

Author: Luther S. Kelly
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 9781786252074
Release Date: 2015-11-06
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

‘In the narrative of “Yellowstone Kelly” we have a rare story of adventure and service. General Miles, who knew him long and intimately, fitly compares him with such heroes of the American wilderness as Daniel Boone and David Crocket...His story is at once an important contribution to the history of the western frontier in the decades to which it pertains and a thrilling tale of sustained adventure’ - M. M. Quaife. ‘What old ‘Yellowstone’ has to say is extremely interesting, and he tells it in simple, straightforward fashion, with a wealth of absorbing detail’ - “New York Times”. ‘Mr. Kelly writes not as a novelist, but as a historian, and his work is rich in the best qualities of both’ - “Outlook”. ‘His memoirs [are] written with a rare skill in narration...It is a part of the story of the West and particularly of the Yellowstone region that we could ill afford to lose’ - “Review of Reviews”. ‘Here is history in a most entertaining form’ - “Boston Transcript”.

Yellowstone Kelly

Author: Will Henry
ISBN: 0843943645
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Fiction

Luther Sage Kelly travels up and down the Yellowstone Valley, challenging death as he searches for Crow Girl, his mate, and for the Sioux war chief who holds her in bondage

Yellowstone Kelly

Author: Peter Bowen
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781453295489
Release Date: 2013-01-15
Genre: Fiction

The beginning of the legend of Yellowstone Kelly, one of the Old West’s most outsized personalities Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly had one of the longest, strangest, and most breathtaking careers in the Old West. The intrepid scout’s talent for being in the right place at an exciting time would take him all over the world, from the Great Plains to Africa to the Philippines. Throughout his adventures, Kelly maintained a stoic outlook, a fierce wit, and a talent for survival that got him out of more than a few dangerous scrapes. Yellowstone Kelly: Gentleman and Scout, the first novel in Peter Bowen’s fast-paced series, finds Kelly hunting wolves with the Nez Percé while trying actively to avoid contact with just about everyone else. This plan quickly falls apart, and Kelly is hired by a group of Englishmen who need a guide for a buffalo hunt. Kelly soon finds himself swept further from home than he ever has been before, going from the Indian Wars to the Zulu Wars.

Courting Carrie in Wonderland

Author: Carla Kelly
Publisher: Sweetwater Books
ISBN: 1462118720
Release Date: 2017-03-01
Genre: Fiction

Carrie simply doesn't have time to consider romance. But as the magic of Yellowstone starts making its way into her heart, she'll begin to see love move up her priority list.

The Yellowstone Kelly Novels

Author: Peter Bowen
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781480430235
Release Date: 2013-05-21
Genre: Fiction

Four fast-paced novels based on the real-life frontier adventures of Yellowstone Kelly, one of the Old West’s most legendary soldiers. Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly had one of the longest, strangest, and most breathtaking careers in the American West. The intrepid scout’s talent for being in the right place at an exciting time would take him all over the world, from the Great Plains to Africa to the Philippines to Cuba. Throughout his adventures, Kelly maintained a stoic outlook, a fierce wit, and a talent for survival that got him out of more than a few dangerous scrapes. From hunting wolves with the Nez Percé to encounters with Jim Bridger and Brigham Young to a stint with the Rough Riders, in these four novels Yellowstone carves an exciting, hilarious, and unforgettable path through the Old West—maintaining his trademark humor and fortitude, always finding his way through even the stickiest mess.

Yellowstone Kelly

Author: Clay Fisher
Publisher: Gunsmoke Westerns
ISBN: 0754082741
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Fiction

Frontier scout Yellowstone Kelly is ordered by the Sioux to cure a wounded prisoner, who turns out to be a beautiful woman.


Author: Scott Kelly
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 9781524731601
Release Date: 2017-10-17
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A stunning memoir from the astronaut who spent a record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station--a candid account of his remarkable voyage, of the journeys off the planet that preceded it, and of his colorful formative years. The veteran of four spaceflights and the American record holder for consecutive days spent in space, Scott Kelly has experienced things very few have. Now, he takes us inside a sphere utterly hostile to human life. He describes navigating the extreme challenge of long-term spaceflight, both life-threatening and mundane: the devastating effects on the body; the isolation from everyone he loves and the comforts of Earth; the catastrophic risks of colliding with space junk; and the still more haunting threat of being unable to help should tragedy strike at home--an agonizing situation Kelly faced when, on a previous mission, his twin brother's wife, American Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, was shot while he still had two months in space. Kelly's humanity, compassion, humor, and determination resonate throughout, as he recalls his rough-and-tumble New Jersey childhood and the youthful inspiration that sparked his astounding career, and as he makes clear his belief that Mars will be the next, ultimately challenging, step in spaceflight. A natural storyteller and modern-day hero, Kelly has a message of hope for the future that will inspire for generations to come. Here, in his personal story, we see the triumph of the human imagination, the strength of the human will, and the infinite wonder of the galaxy.

Crow Killer New Edition

Author: Raymond W. Thorp, Jr.
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253021229
Release Date: 2016-01-04
Genre: History

The movie Jeremiah Johnson introduced millions to the legendary mountain man, John Johnson. The real Johnson was a far cry from the Redford version. Standing 6’2" in his stocking feet and weighing nearly 250 pounds, he was a mountain man among mountain men, one of the toughest customers on the western frontier. As the story goes, one morning in 1847 Johnson returned to his Rocky Mountain trapper’s cabin to find the remains of his murdered Indian wife and her unborn child. He vowed vengeance against an entire Indian tribe. Crow Killer tells of that one-man, decades-long war to avenge his beloved. Whether seen as a realistic glimpse of a long ago, fierce frontier world, or as a mythic retelling of the many tales spun around and by Johnson, Crow Killer is unforgettable. This new edition, redesigned for the first time, features an introduction by western frontier expert Nathan E. Bender and a glossary of Indian tribes.

The Fifth Beginning

Author: Robert L. Kelly
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520293120
Release Date: 2016-11-15
Genre: History

“I have seen yesterday. I know tomorrow.” This inscription in Tutankhamun’s tomb summarizes The Fifth Beginning. Here, archaeologist Robert L. Kelly explains how the study of our cultural past can predict the future of humanity. In an eminently readable style, Kelly identifies four key pivot points in the six-million-year history of human development: the emergence of technology, culture, agriculture, and the state. In each example, the author examines the long-term processes that resulted in a definitive, no-turning-back change for the organization of society. Kelly then looks ahead, giving us evidence for what he calls a fifth beginning, one that started about AD 1500. Some might call it “globalization,” but the author places it in its larger context: a five-thousand-year arms race, capitalism’s global reach, and the cultural effects of a worldwide communication network. Kelly predicts that the emergent phenomena of this fifth beginning will include the end of war as a viable way to resolve disputes, the end of capitalism as we know it, the widespread shift toward world citizenship, and the rise of forms of cooperation that will end the near-sacred status of nation-states. It’s the end of life as we have known it. However, the author is cautiously optimistic: he dwells not on the coming chaos, but on humanity’s great potential.

I Hate Everyone Except You

Author: Clinton Kelly
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781476776958
Release Date: 2017-01-10
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

From the bestselling author, beloved television host, and “arbiter of style and good taste in all areas” (People) comes a hilariously candid, deliciously snarky collection of essays about his journey from awkward kid to slightly-less-awkward adult. Clinton Kelly is probably best known for teaching women how to make their butts look smaller. But in I Hate Everyone, Except You, he reveals some heretofore-unknown secrets about himself, like that he’s a finicky connoisseur of 1980s pornography, a disillusioned critic of New Jersey’s premier water parks, and perhaps the world’s least enthused high-school commencement speaker. Whether he’s throwing his baby sister in the air to jumpstart her cheerleading career or heroically rescuing his best friend from death by mud bath, Clinton leaps life’s social hurdles with aplomb. With his signature wit and relatable voice, he shares his unique ability to navigate the stickiest of situations, like find true love in a crowded gay bar or deciding whether it’s acceptable to eat chicken wings with a fork on live television (spoiler: it’s not). Clinton delves into all these outrageous topics—and many more—in this thoroughly unabashedly frank and uproarious collection.

Kelly Blue

Author: Peter Bowen
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781453295502
Release Date: 2013-01-15
Genre: Fiction

Yellowstone Kelly wasn’t always a legend, but cast into the wilderness of the uncharted West, he finds he’s a man with a talent for survival Before Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly was an unexpected hero of the Old West, he was a young greenhorn, cast out of the big city and onto the frontier. This sequel to Yellowstone Kelly: Gentleman and Scout begins at the deathbed of Buffalo Bill Cody, where Yellowstone plays cards and reminisces with the legendary frontiersman in his last hours. Looking back on his own life, he recalls the sidesplitting tale of his dalliance with an Episcopal bishop’s daughter. This was the seed from which the legend of Yellowstone Kelly grew. Yellowstone carves an exciting, hilarious, and unforgettable path through the Old West, meeting historical figures and legends along the way. In Minnesota, he becomes the apprentice to noted mountain man Jim Bridger. In Utah, he runs afoul of Brigham Young and the Mormons. Through each adventure and misadventure, Kelly maintains his trademark wit and fortitude, always finding his way through even the stickiest mess.

People of Yellowstone

Author: Ruth Crocker
Publisher: Benna Books
ISBN: 1944038019
Release Date: 2017-03-07
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Yellowstone National Park is a national treasure recognized throughout the world. This full color photography book features 85 portraits and real-life stories of the people who maintain its wildness, capture it in photographs, lead expeditions, collect scientific data, wrangle horses for trail rides, document seismic activity, study wildlife, rescue the park s stranded hikers and much more throughout the park s 3,468 square miles. Photographer Steve Horan spent five years crisscrossing three states to find his collaborative subjects."

Wild Dogs

Author: Kelly Milner Halls
Publisher: Darby Creek
ISBN: 1581960271
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Provides photographs and facts pertaining to various species of wild dogs that have roamed the Earth throughout history, while discussing the roles they play in nature, the danger of extinction, and the importance of conservation.