When the Sun Goes Down

Author: Gwynne Forster
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0758285183
Release Date: 2010-10-01
Genre: Fiction

“When the sun goes down on my life, you’ll all come apart like ripped balloons.” When stingy self-made millionaire and widower Leon Farrell dies, he leaves behind a legacy of family dysfunction—and a missing will. It’s soon clear that his three grown children, Edgar, Gunther, and Shirley, don’t handle loss well—the possible loss of a fortune, that is. And when Edgar hires a private investigator to track down the will, it’s just the beginning of a search that will lead the siblings to re-visit their childhoods, uncover buried secrets, and ultimately learn for themselves what it means to be a family… Praise for the Novels of Gwynne Forster “Wise and wonderful as it points out, once again, the importance of honesty and appreciating what you have while you have it.” —Publishers Weekly on A Different Kind of Blues

Every Night when the Sun Goes Down

Author: Phillip Hayes Dean
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
ISBN: 0822203707
Release Date: 1976
Genre: Drama

THE STORY: Set in a seedy hotel of a black neighborhood in a Midwestern city, the play introduces a series of finely drawn representative characters: a pimp who sends his girl out on the street to earn money for his drugs; the light-skinned dancer

When the Sun Goes Down

Author: Betty Breuhaus
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595430307
Release Date: 2007-08
Genre: Family & Relationships

A surprisingly delightful book on planning that final celebration of your life "The problem addressed in Betty Breuhaus's practical and amusing book is: If you don't plan your own funeral, someone else will...It's hard to write breezily about such a dark topic, but When the Sun Goes Down succeeds, marvelously." Alex Beam, Boston Globe columnist WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN Are you ready to define your own dignity and creatively plan the final celebration of your life? When the Sun Goes Down: A Serendipitous Guide to Planning Your Own Funeral Author Betty Breuhaus asks you to open your heart and mind to one of life's inescapable sure things as she offers an in-depth guide to planning a personalized funeral. In an inviting and engaging manner, she combines humor, anecdotes, and quotes throughout as she teaches you to take charge and devise a personal plan that will not only honor your memory, but also inspire all who attend your celebration to live a fuller and more meaningful life. "...a heartfelt and informative guide that covers the details of end-of life planning and is interspersed with wisdom, humor and zest." Paula K. Rauch M.D. Director, MGH Cancer Center Parenting Program Massachusetts General Hospital "No one is going to the grave with their music inside of them if Betty Breuhaus has her way...it is a must-read for everyone who is going to die." Bill Bates, President, Life Appreciation Seminars Visit: www.whenthesun.com "Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, or a full moon, gather those you love and celebrate with them." ...the author and friends at a Full Moon Party

When the Sun Goes Down

Author: Marcus Lyndale
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 9781847538222
Release Date: 2007-02-01

The Inner Hebridean island of Breágha has long been considered one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles but now its natural beauty has become of secondary importance to the people who live there.Is it just coincidence that the most devastating storm in the region's history completely cuts the island off from the rest of the world whilst masking the changes that are taking place there?The opening of a new shop, managed by the good and kind Francine Duval, brings much more than just a mysterious sign above its windows.Each evening, with the setting of the sun, the island becomes a very strange and sinister place.

When the Sun Goes Down and the Drip Goes Up

Author: Gill Bucklitsch
ISBN: 1449031617
Release Date: 2009-10
Genre: Family & Relationships

One of the worst scenarios while on holiday is to be told you have to stay in hospital. You may have had a heart attack or worse a severe stroke. Holiday makers hardly ever heed the obvious signs. Situations arise that are difficult to get through, going from extremely distressing to plain straight funny. If you or a friend has had an accident whilst on holiday you will know a bit about the ordeal and upset you go through. Possibly it could have so easily been avoided. The role of a hospital interpreter involves being a go between with the insurance. Not to mention a hand holder and counsellor. The message is loud and clear" make sure you have a good insurance". Holiday makers in high spirits have difficulty proving to the police that they are "only having a bit of fun" So many cases could have had a tragic ending. Until you find yourself involved in such a situation you cannot imagine the distress. Months of planning and anticipation can be destroyed in moments and you could find yourself "watching the sun go down and the drip go up".

When The Sun Goes Down

Author: Crystal Green
Publisher: Harlequin Enterpises AU
ISBN: 9781460823033
Release Date: 2012-07-06
Genre: Fiction

Juliana Thompsen always hated her family's ridiculous feud with the Coles. Especially since sexy Tristan Cole has haunted her hottest dreams since high school! But now she's travelling to exotic, erotic Japan on family business, and she's looking for someone to make her forget all those naughty thoughts about Tristan. Until he shows up on his own family business! And once they both realize the sexual heat burning between them is mutual, they decide to indulge in all the sensual experiences Japan has to offer. Their encounter is wild. Hot. Unrestrained! And it turns out to be much more than a fling. But will their love last once the sun goes down?

When the Sun Goes Down

Author: Gabrielle Evans
Publisher: Siren Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1622410157
Release Date: 2012-05-01
Genre: Fiction

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires] Kendall Orion thought he'd found his pale knight in the gorgeous vampire Enforcer, Cassius Reynard. Like his friends, Kendall has a secret, though. He's kept part of himself locked away for over a hundred years, and if it means keeping Cassius in his life, he'll find a way to banish it forever. Cassius is starting to get whiplash from Kendall's ever changing moods, and he knows the little man is hiding something from him. When their miscommunication pushes Kendall to the unthinkable, Cassius is done with the mystery and surprises. Discovering the truth, however, only creates an entirely new list of worries and concerns. While Kendall and Cassius work through their relationship issues, Haven is threatened when an unknown force penetrates their walls. Capturing one enemy leads them down a path that no one wants to travel and finds Cassius several states away-just when Kendall needs him the most. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

When the Sun Goes Down Other Stories

Author: Jj Ehrhardt
ISBN: 1611022428
Release Date: 2014-03-31
Genre: Fiction

Dear readers, The quiet little town of Midfield, North Carolina has a problem. There's a werewolf lurking about, and it's terrorizing the whole town. The police have their hands full with citizen sightings of the werewolf, which usually turn out to be big dogs. But old Joe McElroy knows better, as does Randy Mitchell, and Officer Gonzales, for they have all encountered the beast. Hi... I'm Jim Ehrhardt, literally known as JJ Ehrhardt, and I'd like to take you for a walk through fantasyland. No, it's not a book with Disney style stories in it, it's just strictly a fictional book with plenty of fantasy style writing. Starting with: When the Sun Goes Down, a story filled with werewolves, to The Remarkable Baldini about a homeless man who finds a puppy, and teaches it his way of life.. Of course we can't forget our friend Max the robot, and all his adventures, last but not least we have Harry and the Professor, about an alcoholic who gets hypnotized. This book is well worth the money you'll pay for it, because it is written from the heart. Be sure to pick up one or more of my other ten books: The Adventures of Poppy McBee...Mystery at Woodhaven and Other Stories...The Tenant and Other Ghost Stories...Life with the Smithton Street Gang...More Adventures of Poppy McBee...Mostly Mixed Memoirs of Modern-Day Mayhem...Mostly Mixed Memoirs of Modern-Day Mayhem II...They Walk Among Us...McCain & Terror at Midnight... and last but not least, A Stitch in Time & George Solomon's Problems. Or you can always visit my website: http: //jje1951.wix.com/harpoishere

When the Sun Goes Down

Author: Franc Condry
ISBN: 159408520X
Release Date: 2005-11-01
Genre: Fiction

A gunfight in Wichita had left three men dead.WANTED posters and revenge. The Dutras and Nordeens were among the last vestige of a vanishing breed. Concerned for the safety of his wife Nora, and their infant son Jay, John Dutra thought Arizona Territory was beyond the reach of Kansas bounty hunters.until a scar-faced killer rode onto their farm on a lathered black stallion and tossed a twenty-year-old WANTED poster at John's feet as he worked in the field..

When the Sun Goes Down

Author: Marise Fleurisca
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154077208X
Release Date: 2017-01-22

When four-year-old Loren Mages loses her father, Roger, in a terrible car crash, her mother, JoHanna, makes an impetuous promise: "From now on, it will be the two of us, always!" For the next four years, JoHanna stays true to the promise she made in her grief even though she's had cause to regret her words. She wants to experience love again-to marry and have more children-but the oath she made binds her. Then Bruce Alexis enters her life, offering JoHanna everything she thinks is missing. When he proposes, JoHanna accepts wholeheartedly, despite Loren's immediate hatred of her new stepfather and the concerns of JoHanna's own mother. Is Loren simply acting out, angry that her mother broke their sacred promise? Or does the young girl sense something sinister in Bruce? If Loren's instincts are right, JoHanna will have cause to regret breaking the promise she made the day Roger died. A poignant, often sad story of a mother's promise and a daughter's love, When the Sun Goes Down explores love, regret, and the deep family ties that transcend death itself.

In Between Time

Author: Terri R. Johnson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781499072693
Release Date: 2014-09-23
Genre: Poetry

So many people have asked me how do you get to happy in your life and what happens in the between time. The poems in this book reveal the struggles, the daring moments and the journey of the growth to constantly find peace in your life.