The Right Kind of Wrong

Author: P. J. Trebelhorn
ISBN: 1626397716
Release Date: 2017-02-14
Genre: Fiction

Bartender Quinn Burke is happy with her life as a playgirl until she realizes she can't fight her feelings any longer for her best friend, bookstore owner Grace Everett.

Right Kind of Wrong

Author: Chelsea Fine
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781455583171
Release Date: 2014-09-02
Genre: Fiction

Praise for Best Kind of Broken: "By turns humorous and heartbreaking, Best Kind Of Broken has become one of my favorites!" ---Cora Carmack, New York Times bestselling author "You'll fall for Pixie and Levi, just like I did!" ---Jennifer L. Armentrout (J. Lynn), #1 New York Times bestselling author "Tangled with friendship, history and heartbreak - not to mention a huge dose of humor - Chelsea Fine's New Adult novel is not to be missed! Beyond an incredibly HOT read, Pixie and Levi's longing for each other will have you rooting for them till the very end." --- Jay Crownover, New York Times bestselling author of Rule "Chelsea Fine's style is witty, visceral and fresh. All I wanted to do was crawl inside this book and live with the characters. " ---Chelsea M. Cameron, New York Times bestselling author Sometimes wrong can feel oh so right . . . Jenna Lacombe needs complete control, whether it's in the streets . . . or between the sheets. So when she sets out on a solo road trip to visit her family in New Orleans, she's beyond annoyed that the infuriatingly sexy Jack Oliver wants to hitch a ride with her. Ever since they shared a wild night together last year, he's been trying to strip away her defenses one by one. He claims he's just coming along to keep her safe-but what's not safe for her is prolonged exposure to the tattooed hottie. Jack can't get Jenna out from under his skin. She makes him feel alive again after his old life nearly destroyed him-and losing her is not an option. Now Jack's troubles are catching up to him, and he's forced to return to his hometown in Louisiana. But when his secrets put them both in harm's way, Jenna will have to figure out how far she's willing to let love in . . . and how much she already has. New Adult Romance (85,000 words)

The Right Kind of Wrong

Author: Tirza Schaefer
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1541372581
Release Date: 2016-12-31

THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG by Tirza Schaefer Kenna is a successful business woman and loves her job. She is not as successful in love, however. Never mixing business and pleasure, she is being thrown completely off-course when she is thrown together and has to work with a man from the past who has hurt her a lot, Zane, one of the most formidable bodyguards US Army veterans have to offer. With a background is Special Operations, he keeps a cool head even when bombs explode around his ears. He only has one single weakness and that is a woman from the past. Zane is angry with Kenna because of the way she treated him way back in college. When he suddenly meets her again in a business context, old resentments flare up once more and the most professional security expert in the business behaves somewhat unprofessional when sparks light up into a raging inferno. Over 8,000 words. TIRZA SCHAEFER is an international author and mother of three awesome children. She writes in various genres and thus, she cannot be contained in a box. When she is not writing on a new book, you might find her editing, doing live literary readings or voice recording. She guides meditations at spiritual retreats and also works freelance as copy and ghost writer for clients. Subscribe to her newsletter. This book is intended for a mature adult audience 21+ and contains some graphic language and sexually explicit scenes.

The Right Kind of Wrong

Author: Alyson Reynolds
ISBN: 1543038948
Release Date: 2017-03-17

Lily Clark is bored. Her job is tedious; her love life is dead, and she wants something more for her life. Excitement comes in the form of a certified porn king. She's intrigued and more than a little turned on when it comes to the hot stranger, but he's all wrong for her. Except he's nothing like she expected-witty, charming, motivated for better things- and maybe not all that wrong for her after all.Jesse Adams wants a change. Porn was supposed to be temporary, but now he's stuck. He hates being recognized for all the wrong reasons. The only person who might be able to help him change his image is the first woman he's been interested in for a long time. Lily is sexy and smart and way too good for the likes of him.Lily has to learn to trust him. Jesse needs to stop pushing her away. The sex is phenomenal, but it isn't enough. If these two can't stop, they're going to end up self-destructing before they even get started.

A Parisian Holiday

Author: Jade Eby
ISBN: 9781537850634
Release Date: 2017-08-29
Genre: Fiction

Sent on assignment to Paris, Kara and Vince have enjoyed their fair share of the city of love. But when a freak snow storm hits the city right before they’re due home for Christmas... things get a little icy. But Vince has a plan to make sure their time in Paris is never forgotten. *Note* This is a short story follow-up to the full length novel The Right Kind of Wrong. It can be read as a standalone but is more enjoyable when read after the novel.

The Right Kind of Trouble

Author: Shiloh Walker
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781466876699
Release Date: 2016-08-02
Genre: Fiction

Desire won’t take no for an answer in The Right Kind of Trouble by Shiloh Walker In the small Southern town of McKay’s Treasure, everybody knows that the handsome local police chief, Gideon Marshall, has been carrying a torch for Moira McKay. It’s also no secret that Moira has been rejecting Gideon since...forever. But after an attack from a mysterious stranger bent on taking down the McKay family, Moira becomes filled with distrust toward most men. Now she wonders whether she’s been wrong about Gideon all along—and if it’s not too late to admit him back into her life...and into her bed... Gideon has finally convinced his wasted heart to give up on Moira, who he’s loved since he was sixteen years old. Moira’s attack changes everything, however—and he vows to protect her. But how much is he willing to risk for a woman who’s always kept him at bay...until now? And is it too late for Moira to tell him that her love for him has always been locked deep in her heart—and he holds the key? “Shiloh Walker’s writing just gets better and better...[and] the sex is sizzling.” —RT Book Reviews

Der Weg zu den Besten

Author: James C. Collins
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 9783593386485
Release Date: 2011-08
Genre: Business & Economics

Wie wird aus einem guten Unternehmen ein Spitzenunternehmen? Jim Collins und sein Team haben über mehrere Jahre 1500 Unternehmen beobachtet, die Spitzenleistungen erzielten. Bei elf Unternehmen, die die Pole Position mindestens 15 Jahre beibehalten konnten, machte Collins sieben Schlüsselfaktoren aus, die für den Erfolg verantwortlich sind.

Wrong Wenn der Falsche der Richtige ist

Author: Jana Aston
Publisher: Plaisir d'Amour Verlag
ISBN: 9783864952647
Release Date: 2016-09-15
Genre: Fiction

Wenn jemand ein Händchen dafür hat, sich den Falschen rauszupicken, dann bin ich es. Schwul? Weiberheld? Spieler? Muttersöhnchen? Alle zu mir! Zur Zeit bin ich in einen meiner Kunden aus dem Coffeeshop verknallt. Wenn ich auch nur daran denke, was seine schönen Hände mit meinem Körper anstellen könnten, wird mir jedes Mal ganz heiß! Aber das ist natürlich bloß eine harmlose Schwärmerei von mir. Ist ja nicht so, als würde ich Luke jemals außerhalb des Cafés treffen. Doch erstens kommt es anders, und zweitens als man denkt, denn unsere Wege kreuzen sich an einem Ort, der meine wildesten Fantasien sprengt. Seine Hände sind plötzlich genau dort, wo ich sie mir gewünscht habe: zwischen meinen gespreizten Beinen. Die Sache ist mir so peinlich, dass ich Luke eigentlich nie mehr wiedersehen will, aber das Schicksal hat offenbar andere Pläne für uns: Als ich in eine Notlage gerate, wird er zum Retter in der Not und wir kommen uns näher. Was wäre, wenn der Falsche plötzlich der Richtige ist? Der New York Times Bestseller-Roman - übersetzt von der Erfolgsautorin Linda Mignani ("Federzirkel").


Author: Stephanie Danler
Publisher: Aufbau Digital
ISBN: 9783841212887
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Genre: Fiction

„›Sweetbitter‹ wird eine Menge Leute hungrig machen.“ The New York Times Eigentlich wollte Tess nicht Kellnerin werden. Sie wollte ihrer provinziellen Herkunft entkommen, in die Großstadt eintauchen und endlich herausfinden, wofür sie geschaffen ist. Doch dann landet sie in einem edlen New Yorker Restaurant und es ist wie der Eintritt in ein neues Universum, in dem ganz eigene Regeln und Gesetze herrschen, in dem der falsche Wein im falschen Moment zum Verhängnis werden kann. Oder die Ignoranz gegenüber der Einzigartigkeit einer Auster. Sweetbitter ist ein großer Roman über den Genuss und die Obsession – darüber, dass man manchmal besessen sein muss, um wirklich genießen zu können. „Eine rohe, schnörkellose, beißende, wilde Liebesgeschichte.“ People Magazine

Securing the Right People

Author: Institute of Leadership & Management,
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136366994
Release Date: 2007-06-07
Genre: Business & Economics

With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs. Whether studying for an ILM qualification or looking to enhance the skills of your employees, Super Series provides essential solutions, frameworks and techniques to support management and leadership development.

The Wrong Man The Right Time

Author: Carole Halston
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781459273405
Release Date: 2011-07-15
Genre: Fiction

A CYNICAL MAN MEETS… Clint Adams was a man with no illusions. The burly ex-marine had had his fill of dashed dreams; now, all he hoped to find was some peace. He came upon the rustic Ozarks cabin purely by chance. And there, he met up with a miracle. A VIRGIN BRIDE Pat Tyler was nearing thirty, and everyone in Yellville was urging her to wed. Even Pat couldn't explain anymore what she was waiting for. But then, like a miracle, Clint came along and awakened her, heart and soul. She would give up anything—and everything—to make the brooding man her own….

Rights and Private Law

Author: Donal Nolan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781847317896
Release Date: 2011-12-02
Genre: Law

In recent years a strand of thinking has developed in private law scholarship which has come to be known as 'rights' or 'rights-based' analysis. Rights analysis seeks to develop an understanding of private law obligations that is driven, primarily or exclusively, by the recognition of the rights we have against each other, rather than by other influences on private law, such as the pursuit of community welfare goals. Notions of rights are also assuming greater importance in private law in other respects. Human rights instruments are having an increasing influence on private law doctrines. And in the law of unjust enrichment, an important debate has recently begun on the relationship between restitution of rights and restitution of value. This collection is a significant contribution to debate about the role of rights in private law. It includes essays by leading private law scholars addressing fundamental questions about the role of rights in private law as a whole and within particular areas of private law. The collection includes contributions by advocates and critics of rights-based approaches and provides a thorough and balanced analysis of the relationship between rights and private law.