State Rankings 2016

Author: Kathleen O'Leary Morgan
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 9781506351490
Release Date: 2016-04-05
Genre: Reference

Published annually, State Rankings features comprehensive state statistics making it easy to compare states across key measures in education, health, crime, transportation, taxes, government finance, and so much more. The editors compile useful statistics that would otherwise take an enormous amount of time to research making it a favorite resource on reference shelves throughout the United States and around the world. The rankings have been updated using specific methodology explained in the introduction. Geographic and data notes are also included to provide context. State Rankings compares every state and Washington, DC, in the following areas: - Agriculture - Population - Economy - Environment - Government finance - Crime - Education - Geography - Social welfare - Defense - Health - Energy - Housing

State Rankings 2012 A Statistical View of America

Author: Kathleen OLeary Morgan
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781452230917
Release Date: 2012-04-18
Genre: Political Science

Ranks states in terms of income, agricultural and industrial production, mortality rates, college graduates, divorce, debt, population change, highway fatalities, and taxes.

State Rankings 2008

Author: Kathleen O'Leary Morgan
Publisher: Morgan Quitno Corp
ISBN: 0872899268
Release Date: 2008-03-24
Genre: Business & Economics

CQ Press's popular rankings reference book makes it easy to compare states across a broad range of categories, including education, health, crime, transportation, taxes, government finance, and much more. The editors have compiled useful statistics into easy-to-understand tables, graphs, and other tools that make research fast and easy.

The Who What and Where of America

Author: Deirdre A. Gaquin
Publisher: Bernan Press
ISBN: 9781598888829
Release Date: 2016-12-20
Genre: Business & Economics

The Who, What, and Where of America pulls details from the American Community Survey (ACS) which provides a portrait of America at a certain point in time. Who: Age, Race and Ethnicity, and Household Structure What: Education, Employment, and Income Where: Migration, Housing, and Transportation Each part is preceded by highlights and ranking tables that show how areas diverge from the national norm. These research aids are invaluable for understanding data from the ACS and for highlighting what it tells us about who we are, what we do, and where we live. Each topic is divided into four tables revealing the results of the data collected from different types of geographic areas in the United States, generally with populations greater than 20,000. Table A. States Table B. Counties Table C. Metropolitan Areas Table D. Cities In this issue you will find social and economic estimates on the ways American Communities are changing with regard to the following: Age and race Health care coverage Marital history Education attainment Income and occupation Commute time to work Employment status Home values and monthly costs Veteran status Size of home or rental unit This title is the latest in the County and City Extra Series of publications from Bernan Press. Other titles include County and City Extra, County and City Extra: Special Decennial Census Edition, and Places, Towns, and Townships.

Ein Mann namens Ove

Author: Fredrik Backman
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 9783104028064
Release Date: 2014-08-21
Genre: Fiction

Alle lieben Ove: der Nummer-1-Bestseller aus Schweden. Eine Geschichte über Freundschaft, Liebe, das richtige Werkzeug und was sonst noch wirklich zählt im Leben – witzig, rührend, grummelig, großartig. Haben Sie auch einen Nachbarn wie Ove? Jeden Morgen macht er seine Kontrollrunde und schreibt Falschparker auf. Aber hinter seinem Gegrummel verbergen sich ein großes Herz und eine berührende Geschichte. Seit Oves geliebte Frau Sonja gestorben ist und man ihn vorzeitig in Rente geschickt hat, sieht er keinen Sinn mehr im Leben und trifft praktische Vorbereitungen zum Sterben. Doch dann zieht im Reihenhaus nebenan eine junge Familie ein, die als Erstes mal Oves Briefkasten umnietet ...

County and City Extra 2016

Author: Deirdre A. Gaquin
Publisher: Bernan Press
ISBN: 9781598888706
Release Date: 2016-11-30
Genre: Business & Economics

When you want only one source of information about your city or county, turn to County and City Extra. This trusted reference compiles information from many sources to provide all the key demographic and economic data for every state, county, metropolitan area, congressional district, and for all cities in the United States with a 2010 population of 25,000 or more. In one volume , you can conveniently find data from 1990 to 2015 in easy-to-read tables. No other resource compiles this amount of detailed information into one place. Subjects covered in County and City Extra include: • Population by age and race • Government finances • Income and poverty • Manufacturing, trade, and services • Crime • Housing • Education • Immigration and migration • Labor force and employment • Agriculture, land, and water • Residential construction • Health resources • Voting and elections The main body of this volume contains five basic parts and covers the following areas: Part A-States Part B-Counties Part C-Metropolitan areas Part D-Cities with a 2010 census population of 25,000 or more Part E-Congressional districts In addition, this publication includes: •Figures and text in each section that highlight pertinent data and provide analysis •Ranking tables which present each geography type by various subjects including population, land area, population density, educational attainment, housing values, race, unemployment, and crime •Multiple color maps of the United States on various topics including median household income, poverty, voting, and race Furthermore, this volume contains several appendixes which include: • Notes and explanations for further reference • Definitions of geographic concepts • A listing of metropolitan and micropolitan areas and their component counties • A list of cities by county • Maps showing congressional districts, counties, and selected places within each state New in the 24th edition: This edition includes data from the 2012 Economic Census, recently released for states, counties, metropolitan areas, and cities. Table E has been expanded to include newly available County Business Patterns data for Congressional Districts. Table E includes a wide selection of 2014 American Community Survey data, Social Security data, and data from the 2012 Census of Agriculture for the congressional districts of the 114th Congress, along with the 114th Congressional representatives.

America s Top Rated Cities Volume 2 Western

Author: Grey House Publishing
Publisher: Grey House Pub
ISBN: 1592373518
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Social Science

America's Top-Rated Cities is a four-volume set, each book covering a specific region of the United States - Southern, Wstern, Central, and Eastern. Each volume includes narrative city backgrounds, statistical information, rankings, and comparative data in one easy-to-use source, on cities that have scored high marks on economy, education, health care, crime, transportation, leisure activities, and arts & culture. the final list of top-rated cities is derived from our unique rating system, which is based on a number of well-known "best of" lists and firth-hand experience.

America s Diverse Population

Author: Michael D. Dulberger
Publisher: Bernan Press
ISBN: 9781598889154
Release Date: 2017-06-23
Genre: Social Science

The composition of the American population is rapidly changing from a white, male dominated society to one that is so diverse it will soon be without any single, dominant race, ethnicity or gender. This book was created to provide a single source of easily accessible facts—obtained primarily from U.S. government agencies—comparing characteristics of race, ethnicity and gender in graphic format to enhance comprehension, as only visual presentations can achieve. Virtually all major socio-economic topics are covered, including geographic distribution of populations, birth rates, health, wealth, poverty, income, employment, crime, incarcerations, social behaviors, education and political preferences. Included are past and future trends for many characteristics, as are comparisons between foreign-born, natural citizens, legal and undocumented immigrants. The dramatic demographic shifts in American society have provoked many false claims and distortions of facts that have fueled demagoguery, as occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign. Access to unvarnished facts about people different than you—but who are becoming your neighbors—is more critical now than ever. Special Features: Socio-economic characteristics between races, ethnicities, and genders in America Comparisons include: health, education, wealth, poverty, income, employment, crime, incarcerations, social behaviors, geographic distributions, and political preferences Includes foreign-born and natural citizens, lawful and undocumented immigrants All data are graphically displayed for easy visualization and comprehension Attributed sources for all data include web addresses to enable additional research Only factual data are presented without editorial comments or opinions Interesting facts found in America’s Diverse Population include: More than one-in-eight persons residing in the U.S. in 2015 were born elsewhere. Approximately one-in-four persons with "Green Cards" resided in California in 2013. Over three million temporary workers were admitted into the U.S. in 2014. In 2009 over two-thirds of convictions of undocumented immigrants were for violations of immigration law, and two percent for crimes against persons. Approximately one-of-three Black or African American children live in households with both married parents, compared with ninety-five percent of Asian households. In 2013 one-of-eight high school age Hispanic or Latino females reported they were forced to have sex. In 2015 ninety-seven percent of kindergarten teachers were women. Approximately one-half of all maids and housekeeping cleaners in 2015 were Hispanic or Latino women. In 2015, almost one-in-four Asian females held a Master's degree, the highest rate of any race or ethnicity. In 2013, the number of Non-Hispanic White children in the U.S., grades K–8, fell below fifty percent of students for the first time.

Hillbilly Elegie

Author: J. D. Vance
Publisher: Ullstein Buchverlage
ISBN: 9783843715775
Release Date: 2017-04-07
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Armut und Chaos, Resignation und Gewalt, Drogen und Alkohol: In diesem Teufelskreis befinden sich viele weiße Arbeiterfamilien in den USA – entfremdet von der politischen Führung, abgehängt vom Rest der Gesellschaft und damit anfällig für die einfachen Lösungen von Populisten. Früher konnten sich die „Hillbillys“, die weißen Fabrikarbeiter etwa aus Ohio oder Kentucky, erhoffen, kraft ihrer Arbeit zu bescheidenem Wohlstand zu kommen. Doch spätestens gegen Ende des 20sten Jahrhunderts zog der Niedergang der alten Industrien auch die Arbeiterfamilien in eine Abwärtsspirale, aus der die meisten bis heute keinen Ausweg finden. J. D. Vance ist es anhand der Geschichte seiner Familie wie keinem anderen gelungen, diese ausweglose Situation und die Krise einer ganzen Gesellschaft eindrücklich zu schildern. Sein Buch bewegte Millionen von Lesern in den USA und erklärt nicht zuletzt den Wahltriumph eines Donald Trump.

Places Towns and Townships 2016

Author: Deirdre A. Gaquin
Publisher: Bernan Press
ISBN: 9781598888577
Release Date: 2016-08-30
Genre: Business & Economics

Places, Towns and Townships is an excellent resource for anyone in need of data for all of the nation's cities, towns, townships, villages, and census-designated places in one convenient source. It compiles essential information about places in the United States and the people who live in them such as: • population • housing • income • education • employment • crime • and much more! In addition to the tables, Places, Towns and Townships includes text that describes key findings, figures that call attention to noteworthy trends in data, and rankings of the largest cities by various demographics. Compiled from multiple government sources, the data in this unique reference volume represents the most current and accurate information available. This data will not be updated for several years, making Places, Towns and Townships an invaluable resource in the years to come. Some interesting facts found in the 2016 edition of Places, Towns and Townships include: • While about 18 percent of the population lived in the nation’s 75 largest cities, 37 percent lived in places that were not incorporated as cities in 2014. • There were 34 incorporated cities and one town with more than 500,000 people in 2014. These 34 cities and towns represented only 23 states. • Among the 75 largest cities, Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco all have more than 72 percent of their residents in the 18-to-64 age group. • During the years 2010 through 2014, 13.1 percent of the residents of the United States were born in foreign countries. In 43 cities—mostly medium-sized cities and CDPs—more than half of the people are foreign-born. Many of these cities are in Florida. • In the five-year period from 2010 through 2014, 63.9 percent of Americans age 16 and older were in the civilian labor force, and 9.2 percent of the labor force participants were unemployed. • Nationally, Health Care and Social Assistance is the industrial sector with the most employees—16.6 percent of the total—followed by Retail Trade with 13.2 percent. Places, Towns and Townships makes a valuable addition to the County and City Extra Series.

Optimal Sports Math Statistics and Fantasy

Author: Robert Kissell
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780128052938
Release Date: 2017-04-06
Genre: Mathematics

Optimal Sports Math, Statistics, and Fantasy provides the sports community—students, professionals, and casual sports fans—with the essential mathematics and statistics required to objectively analyze sports teams, evaluate player performance, and predict game outcomes. These techniques can also be applied to fantasy sports competitions. Readers will learn how to: Accurately rank sports teams Compute winning probability Calculate expected victory margin Determine the set of factors that are most predictive of team and player performance Optimal Sports Math, Statistics, and Fantasy also illustrates modeling techniques that can be used to decode and demystify the mysterious computer ranking schemes that are often employed by post-season tournament selection committees in college and professional sports. These methods offer readers a verifiable and unbiased approach to evaluate and rank teams, and the proper statistical procedures to test and evaluate the accuracy of different models. Optimal Sports Math, Statistics, and Fantasy delivers a proven best-in-class quantitative modeling framework with numerous applications throughout the sports world. Statistical approaches to predict winning team, probabilities, and victory margin Procedures to evaluate the accuracy of different models Detailed analysis of how mathematics and statistics are used in a variety of different sports Advanced mathematical applications that can be applied to fantasy sports, player evaluation, salary negotiation, team selection, and Hall of Fame determination