Sebastiao Salgado Genesis

Author: Lélia Wanick Salgado
ISBN: 3836542595
Release Date: 2013

Salgados Opus Magnum An die Ränder unserer Welt - ein monumentales Bildwerk über die letzten Paradiese der Erde Anders als die Collector's Edition, die als großformatiges Portfolio ohne strenge thematische Gliederung erscheint, zeigt die Trade Edition eine abweichende Auswahl an Bildern, geografisch geordnet in fünf Kapiteln: Im Süden des Planeten, Zufluchtsorte, Afrika, Nördliche Weiten, Amazonien und Panatal. Zwar wurden beide Bücher aus derselben Werkgruppe zusammengestellt, in ihrer Herangehensweise unterscheiden sie sich jedoch radikal voneinander. Aber natürlich sind beide Publikationen faszinierende Dokumente eines fotografischen Abenteuers, das es in diesen Dimensionen noch nie gegeben hat: Salgados Genesis-Projekt.


Author: Sebastião Salgado
Publisher: Taschen America Llc
ISBN: 3836538725
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Photography

Summary: In 1970, 26-year-old Sebastiao Salgado held a camera for the first time. In over 32 trips, he created a collection of images showing us nature, animals, and indigenous people. This book presents his images such as: ancient animal species and volcanoes of the Galapagos; Brazilian alligators and jaguars; and, African lions, leopards, and elephant.

A Different Light

Author: Parvati Nair
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822350484
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Photography

This is the first full critical study of the work of the popular documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado. Nair explores all the stages of Salgado's work, including the recent more ecological subjects, showing its planetary commitments.

Sebastiao Salgado

Author: Lelia Wanick Salgado
Publisher: Taschen
ISBN: 3836561301
Release Date: 2016-05-25

Humanity on the move: Sebastião Salgado's searing reportage of exiles, migrants, and refugees It has been almost a generation since Sebastião Salgado first published Exodus but the story it tells, of fraught human movement around the globe, has changed little in 16 years. The push and pull factors may shift, the nexus of conflict relocates from Rwanda to Syria, but the people who leave their homes tell the same tale: deprivation, hardship, and glimmers of hope, plotted along a journey of great psychological, as well as physical, toil. Salgado spent six years with migrant peoples, visiting more than 35 countries to document displacement on the road, in camps, and in overcrowded city slums where new arrivals often end up. His reportage includes Latin Americans entering the United States, Jews leaving the former Soviet Union, Kosovars fleeing into Albania, the Hutu refugees of Rwanda, as well as the first "boat people" of Arabs and sub-Saharan Africans trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean sea. His images feature those who know where they are going and those who are simply in flight, relieved to be alive and uninjured enough to run. The faces he meets present dignity and compassion in the most bitter of circumstances, but also the many ravaged marks of violence, hatred, and greed. With his particular eye for detail and motion, Salgado captures the heart-stopping moments of migratory movement, as much as the mass flux. There are laden trucks, crowded boats, and camps stretched out to a clouded horizon, and then there is the small, bandaged leg; the fingerprint on a page; the interview with a border guard; the bundle and baby clutched to a mother's breast. Insisting on the scale of the migrant phenomenon, Salgado also asserts, with characteristic humanism, the personal story within the overwhelming numbers. Against the indistinct faces of televised footage or the crowds caught beneath a newspaper headline, what we find here are portraits of individual identities, even in the abyss of a lost land, home, and, often, loved ones. At the same time, Salgado also declares the commonality of the migrant situation as a shared, global experience. He summons his viewers not simply as spectators of the refugee and exile suffering, but as actors in the social and political shifts of global information, urbanization, environmental damage, and vast discrepancies in wealth, which all contribute to the migratory phenomenon. As the boats bobbing up on the Greek and Italian coastline brought migration home to Europe like no mass movement since the Second World War, Exodus cries out not only for our heightened awareness but also for responsibility and engagement. In face of the scarred bodies, the hundreds of bare feet on hot tarmac, our imperative is not to look on in compassion, but in Salgado's own words, to temper our political, economic, and environmental behaviors in a "new regimen of coexistence."

Ein halber Held

Author: Andreas Wenderoth
Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag
ISBN: 9783641171346
Release Date: 2016-04-18
Genre: Social Science

Dies ist die Geschichte eines Lebens, das durch die Demenz aus der Spur geraten ist. „Entschuldige mich bitte für meine Inhaltslosigkeit, aber ich bin nur noch ein halber Held.“ So beschreibt Horst Wenderoth seine Gedanken- und Gefühlswelt, die von einer Diagnose auf den Kopf gestellt wurde: vaskuläre Demenz. Es ist ein Satz, der den Sohn Andreas „in seiner klarsichtigen Poesie erschüttert“. Sein Leben lang war Horst Wenderoth ein Mann des Wortes. Seit drei Jahren aber wenden sich die Wörter von ihm ab und gegen ihn, sagen nicht mehr, was er denkt. Ein halber Held ist die berührende, zuweilen aber auch absurd komische Liebeserklärung eines Sohnes an seinen Vater, der sich stets über den Geist definierte, und liefert einen einzigartigen Einblick in das Erleben eines Demenzkranken. Auf einfühlsame Weise werden dabei auch die kreativen Seiten der Krankheit geschildert, die sich von der herkömmlichen, rein pathologischen Wahrnehmung deutlich abheben. Eine Vater-Sohn-Geschichte, die zeigt, dass nach der Diagnose Demenz das letzte Wort noch lange nicht gesprochen ist und bei allem Abschiedsschmerz auch Trost bleibt.

Scoping the Amazon

Author: Stephen Nugent
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781315420400
Release Date: 2016-07-01
Genre: Social Science

The Amazon Indian is an icon that straddles the world between the professional anthropologist and the popular media. Presented alternately as the noble primitive, the savior of the environment, and as a savage, dissolute, cannibalistic half-human, it is an image well worth examining. Stephen Nugent does just that, critiquing the claims of authoritativeness inherent in visual images presented by anthropologists of Amazon life in the early 20th century and comparing them with the images found in popular books, movies, and posters. The book depicts the field of anthropology as its own form of culture industry and contrasts it to other similar industries, past and present. For visual anthropologists, ethnographers, Amazon specialists, and popular culture researchers, Nugent's book will be enlightening, entertaining reading.

Other Americas

Author: Sebastião Salgado
Publisher: Aperture
ISBN: 1597113360
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Documentary photography

Other Americas, originally published in France in 1986 and designed by Lélia Wanick Salgado, is Sebastião Salgado's first book. Upon publication it became an award-winning photobook classic, establishing Salgado's reputation as the visionary reportage photographer of his generation. With forty-nine black-and-white photographs taken between 1977 and 1984, Salgado's distilled survey of a continent includes images from Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico. The images range in subject, capturing spiritual and religious practices, changing rural landscapes, and intimate domestic life. Each photograph shares a sense of sincere connection--connection between the subject and the photographer, between a population and their homeland, and between Salgado and the audience he seeks to engage. In his text, Alan Riding writes, "Salgado has sought out a lost corner of the Americas and he has made it a prism through which the entire continent can be viewed. A philosophy of life is caught in a look; an entire way of life is frozen in a moment . . ."

The Travel Photo Essay

Author: Mark Edward Harris
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781315514994
Release Date: 2017-09-22
Genre: Photography

Successful travel photographers have to wear more hats than perhaps any other photographic genre. In a single travel photo essay they are at times architectural photographers, food photographers, music photographers, car photographers – the list encompassing every possible type of photography. The Travel Photo Essay teaches the reader the necessary techniques to create cohesive professional travel stories, using images that go far beyond "I was here" photographs. From the establishing shots to the equipment list, this book discusses the techniques and concepts necessary to create professional looking images in various genres, including portrait photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography, food photography, documentary photography, sports photography and more. Covering issues such as lighting, writing, workflow and the travel photography market, award-winning photographer and writer Mark Edward Harris explains how to marry photos with words, telling a cohesive story through a series of photographs.

The Master Photographer

Author: Bob Ryan
Publisher: Bouchier
ISBN: 9780993469213
Release Date: 2016-10-01
Genre: Photography

We do not teach photography; we show you how to 'burn' the knowledge and skills you need deep into the 'firmware' of your brain. Meet your authors: Professor Bob Ryan ARPS FRSA: a specialist in analysis and the development of expert judgement. This book builds upon decades of his work in the development of deep-learning and the activation of non-conscious skills. Here is a small sample of what has been said about Bob as a photographer, image analyst and educator: 'A highly accomplished, wildlife photographer' (Chris Weston - amongst the top 50 most influential photographers); 'in the top ten percent of image analysts' (Jon Fishback - PSA Director of Education Services at the Photographic Society of America); and as an educator: 'student evaluations consistently rank Bob amongst the top three academics on Manchester's Global MBA' (Professor Elaine Ferneley, Global & MBA Director, Alliance Manchester Business School). Andy Beel FRPS: a photographic alchemist who can turn the most ordinary and uninspiring of subjects into photographic gold. His specialism, developed over 30 years of intense effort, is in black-and-white photography. Realizing how Bob's deep-learning methods could radically foreshorten his own struggle for mastery, he now uses them to inspire his own work and to teach others. Here is a small sample of what his clients, workshop participants and talk audiences say about Andy's work as a photographer and teacher: 'truly stunning' (Simon Galloway, Group Picture Editor, Bristol News & Media (Bristol Evening Post)); 'as always you are an inspiration' (David Bathard FRPS AWPF, Frome-Selwood Photographic Society); 'superb tuition, I learned an awful lot from you' (Jay Charnock FRPS).

Der Mensch und seine Zeichen

Author: Adrian Frutiger
Publisher: marixverlag
ISBN: 9783843802161
Release Date: 2013-02-19
Genre: Business & Economics

Das kleine Standardwerk für alle, die sich einführend und dennoch umfassend mit dem Phänomen der Zeichen und Symbole im allgemeinen und dem der Schriftentwicklung im speziellen auseinandersetzen möchten!In der Verbindung von dem Text des großen Schriftenentwicklers Adrian Frutiger, der die Wurzeln von Symbolen und Schrift verständlich macht, und seinen Illustrationen wird dem Leser Theorie und Praxis der Zeichengestaltung anschaulich vermittelt.

Building Sustainability with the Arts

Author: David Curtis
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 9781527504257
Release Date: 2017-11-06
Genre: Art

Environmental art or ‘ecoart’ is a burgeoning field and includes a wide variety of practices, some of which are exemplified in this collection: from sculptures or installations made from discarded rubbish to intimate ephemeral artworks placed in the natural environment, or from theatrical presentations incorporated into environmental education programs to socially critical paintings. In some cases, the artworks aim to create indignation in the viewer, sometimes to educate, sometimes to create a feeling of empathy for the natural environment, or sometimes they are built into community building projects. This timely book examines various roles of the arts in building ecological sustainability. A wide range of practitioners is represented, including visual and performing artists, scientists, social researchers, environmental educators and research students. They are all united in this text in their belief that the arts are vital in the building of sustainability – in the way that they are practiced, but also the connections they make to ecology, science and indigenous culture.

From My Land to the Planet

Author: Sebastiao Salgado
Publisher: Contrasto Due
ISBN: 8869655377
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Photography

Sebastião Salgados photographs have been shown around the world. In From my land to the Planet the photographer tells us the story of his most famous reportages: from the black and white portraits of unknown men and women, workers or refugees, to the more recent Genesis project, a portrait of the most incontaminated places of our planet. With a kindness and a disarming simplicity, Salgado rebuilds his path, exposes his beliefs, makes us witnesses of his emotions. In this volume his talent as a storyteller and the authenticity of a man who knows how to combine activism and professionalism, talent and generosity, clearly emerge. The reader will discover fascinating stories of every corner of the world, both near and remote, from Africa to the Americas, and then again the birth of the Instituto Terra, of the Genesis project, of Magnum Photos and Amazonas Images.