Seamanship in the Age of Sail

Author: John Harland
Publisher: Conway
ISBN: 1844863093
Release Date: 2015-10-08

A modern, objective appraisal of the development of seamanship among the major navies of the world from the 17th to the 19th century.

Six Frigates The Epic History of the Founding of the U S Navy

Author: Ian W. Toll
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393066649
Release Date: 2008-03-17
Genre: History

"A fluent, intelligent history...give[s] the reader a feel for the human quirks and harsh demands of life at sea."—New York Times Book Review Before the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution, the establishment of a permanent military became the most divisive issue facing the new government. The founders—particularly Jefferson, Madison, and Adams—debated fiercely. Would a standing army be the thin end of dictatorship? Would a navy protect from pirates or drain the treasury and provoke hostility? Britain alone had hundreds of powerful warships. From the decision to build six heavy frigates, through the cliff-hanger campaign against Tripoli, to the war that shook the world in 1812, Ian W. Toll tells this grand tale with the political insight of Founding Brothers and the narrative flair of Patrick O'Brian.

A Hanging Offense

Author: Buckner Melton
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416595922
Release Date: 2007-11-01
Genre: History

Mutiny on the Bounty is one of history's greatest naval stories -- yet few know the similar tale from America's own fledgling navy in the dying days of the Age of Sail, a tale of mutiny and death at sea on an American warship. In 1842, the brig-of-war Somers set out on a training cruise for apprentice seamen, commanded by rising star Alexander Mackenzie. Somers was crammed with teenagers. Among them was Acting Midshipman Philip Spencer, a disturbed youth and a son of the U.S. Secretary of War. Buying other crew members' loyalty with pilfered tobacco and alcohol, Spencer dreamed up a scheme to kill the officers and turn Somers into a pirate ship. In the isolated world of a warship, a single man can threaten the crew's discipline and the captain's authority. But one of Spencer's followers warned Mackenzie, who arrested the midshipman and chained him and other ringleaders to the quarterdeck. Fearing efforts to rescue the prisoners, officers had to stay awake in round-the-clock watches. Steering desperately for land, sleep-deprived and armed to the teeth, battling efforts to liberate Spencer, Somers's captain and officers finally faced a fateful choice: somehow keep control of the vessel until reaching port -- still hundreds of miles away -- or hang the midshipman and his two leading henchmen before the boys could take over the ship. The results shook the nation. A naval investigation of the affair turned into a court-martial and a state trial and led to the founding of the Naval Academy to provide better officers for the still-young republic. Mackenzie's controversial decision may have inspired Herman Melville's great work Billy Budd. The story of Somers raises timeless questions still disturbing in twenty-first-century America: the relationship between civil and military law, the hazy line between peace and war, the battle between individual rights and national security, and the ultimate challenge of command at sea.

Liberty on the Waterfront

Author: Paul A. Gilje
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812219937
Release Date: 2007-03-30
Genre: History

Through careful research and colorful accounts, historian Paul A. Gilje discovers what liberty meant to an important group of common men in American society, those who lived and worked on the waterfront and aboard ships. In the process he reveals that the idealized vision of liberty associated with the Founding Fathers had a much more immediate and complex meaning than previously thought. In Liberty on the Waterfront: American Maritime Culture in the Age of Revolution, life aboard warships, merchantmen, and whalers, as well as the interactions of mariners and others on shore, is recreated in absorbing detail. Describing the important contributions of sailors to the resistance movement against Great Britain and their experiences during the Revolutionary War, Gilje demonstrates that, while sailors recognized the ideals of the Revolution, their idea of liberty was far more individual in nature—often expressed through hard drinking and womanizing or joining a ship of their choice. Gilje continues the story into the post-Revolutionary world highlighted by the Quasi War with France, the confrontation with the Barbary Pirates, and the War of 1812.

Encyclopedia of American Literature of the Sea and Great Lakes

Author: Jill B. Gidmark
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 0313301484
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Literary Collections

The sea and Great Lakes have inspired American authors from colonial times to the present to produce enduring literary works. This reference is a comprehensive survey of American sea literature. The alphabetical arrangement of the volume facilitates access to facts about major literary works, authors, characters, themes, vessels, places, and ideas central to American literature of the sea and Great Lakes. While the book includes entries for canonical white male authors such as Herman Melville and Jack London, it also gives considerable attention to women at sea and to ethnically diverse writers, works, and themes. Each of the entries is written by an expert contributor and many provide brief bibliographies. In addition, the volume closes with a chronology and a list of works for further reading.

The Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology

Author: Alexis Catsambis
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199336005
Release Date: 2014-02
Genre: Social Science

The Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology is a comprehensive survey of the field at a time when maritime archaeology has established itself as a mature branch of archaeology. This volume draws on the expertise of nearly fifty international scholars who examine the many distinct and universal aspects of the discipline.

Nelson s Trafalgar

Author: Roy Adkins
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440627293
Release Date: 2006-10-31
Genre: History

An explosive chronicle of history's greatest sea battle In the tradition of Antony Beevor's Stalingrad, Nelson's Trafalgar presents the definitive blow-by-blow account of the world's most famous naval battle, when the British Royal Navy under Lord Horatio Nelson dealt a decisive blow to the forces of Napoleon. The Battle of Trafalgar comes boldly to life in this definitive work that re-creates those five momentous, earsplitting hours with unrivaled detail and intensity.

A Sea of Words

Author: Dean King
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781453238301
Release Date: 2012-03-20
Genre: History

From ablation to Zelenka—a comprehensive guide to seafaring during the Napoleonic age What is a sand-grouse, and where does it live? What are the medical properties of lignum vitae, and how did Stephen Maturin use it to repair his viola? Who is Admiral Lord Keith, and why is his wife so friendly with Captain Jack Aubrey? More than any other contemporary author, Patrick O’Brian knew the past. His twenty Aubrey–Maturin novels, beginning with 1969’s Master and Commander, are distinguished by deep characterization, heart-stopping naval combat, and an attention to detail that enriches and enlivens his stories. In this revised edition of A Sea of Words, Dean King and his collaborators dive into Jack Aubrey’s world. In addition to their invaluable glossary, the authors provide essays on the age’s politics, naval medicine, and the many ships that Jack Aubrey sailed, sighted, and fought against. For both the curious fan and the O’Brian aficionado, A Sea of Words is an invaluable tome on the British Royal Navy.

Instant Wind

Author: Alan Watts
Publisher: A & C Black
ISBN: 3768816575
Release Date: 2005

Dieser praktische und anschauliche Wetterratgeber ist für alle gedacht, die sich in Küstennähe oder auf Binnengewässern sportlich betätigen oder dort arbeiten: Jollen- und Fahrtensegler, Motorbootfahrer, Surfer und Drachenflieger, Wanderer, Fischer, Landwirte und Piloten. Sie alle sind darauf angewiesen, für ihr spezielles Revier eine individuelle und kurzfristige Windvorhersage zu erstellen. Dieses Büchlein präsentiert in einer einzigartigen Kombination von großformatigen Himmelsfotos und in übersichtlichen Tabellen angeordneten Detailinformationen alle wichtigen Daten und Fakten, anhand derer die aktuelle Wetterlage eingeschätzt und die künftige Windentwicklung vorhergesagt werden kann.

Blutsauger Staatsgr nder Seidenfabrikanten

Author: May Berenbaum
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3827415195
Release Date: 2004

Sie produzieren Honig oder Gift, bringen GlA1/4ck oder nAchtliche AlptrAume. Sie kooperieren in hochkomplexen Gesellschaften oder tAten ihre nAchsten AngehArigen. Gemeinsam ist ihnen nicht nur die ZugehArigkeit zur Klasse der Insekten. Sie zeigen auch Verhaltensweisen, die an die menschlichen erinnern, und Lebensformen, die unsere beeinflussen. Die verblA1/4ffenden FAhigkeiten und Eigenheiten der GliederfA1/4Aer wie auch ihre vielfAltige Bdeutung fA1/4r die menschliche Geschichte stehen im Mittelpunkt dieses auAergewAhnlichen und interdisziplinAren InsektenfA1/4hrers. Ganz nebenbei vermittelt er die Grundlagen der klassischen Insektenkunde (Sinnesphysiologie, Systematik, Verhalten) und kann fast schon als entomologisches Nachschlagewerk dienen. Unterhaltsam und lehrreich zugleich verdeutlicht das eloquente, kenntnisreiche Buch die zentrale Rolle, die die Insekten im Getriebe der Natur spielen. Es erlAutert ihre groAe Bedeutung innerhalb der A-kosysteme und vor allem ihre ambivalente Beziehung zum Menschen, der sie gleichermaAen verabscheut, mystifiziert und wirtschaftlich ausbeutet.

The Influence of Sea Power Upon the French Revolution and Empire 1793 1812

Author: Alfred Thayer Mahan
Publisher: Europaischer Hochschulverlag Gmbh & Company Kg
ISBN: 3954272466
Release Date: 2013-01

Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914) was a US Navy officer and author of influential marine history and strategy books. His work The Influence of Sea Power upon History, published in 1890, established the modern US Navy doctrine of maritime predominance: the higher the naval power of a country, the greater its global impact. Mahan's concepts of naval war tactics were adapted by many navies all over the world.Similar to his other works, The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire 1793-1812 analyzes how historical events and developments determine who controls the seas. It focuses on British and French naval tactics during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.Reprint of the original edition from 1892. Volume 1 of 2.

Sicherheit und Risiko in Fels und Eis

Author: Pit Schubert
Publisher: Bergverlag Rother GmbH
ISBN: 3763360166
Release Date: 2016-06-01

Wie konnte das passieren? – Das ist meist die erste Frage, die sich nach einem Bergunfall stellt. Und genau das ist die Frage, die Pit Schubert, 32 Jahre lang Leiter des Sicherheitskreises im Deutschen Alpenverein, immer wieder zu beantworten sucht – immer mit dem einen Ziel: um aus Unfällen zu lernen, um Unfallursachen zu erkennen und sie vermeidbar zu machen. Schubert berichtet von dramatischen Wetterstürzen und Gewittern, analysiert die Sicherheit der Berg-steigerausrüstung und ihre Anwendung in der Praxis genauso wie die Entwicklung der Anseil- und Sicherungstechnik. Er erzählt anhand von Erlebnissen und Episoden von der Spaltengefahr oder der Hakensituation im Gebirge. Er zeigt immer wieder gemachte Fehler beim Sportklettern und Bergsteigen auf und macht auf Gefahrensituationen aufmerksam, die wohl jeder, ob Bergwanderer, Bergsteiger oder Kletterer schon einmal erlebt hat. Dass es dabei auch immer wieder Geschichten zum Schmunzeln gibt, untermalen die vielen pointierten Karikaturen von Georg Sojer. Die Erlebnisse und Ergebnisse aus vielen Jahrzehnten alpiner Unfall- und Sicherheitsforschung hat Schubert in diesem reich illustrierten Buch zusammengefasst, das 1995 mit dem sogenannten »Alpin-Oscar«, dem Dietmar-Eybl-Preis für Sicherheit am Berg, ausgezeichnet wurde. Mit diesem Buch ist ein lehrreiches, spannend zu lesendes Kompendium aus dem Erfahrungsschatz des Sicherheitskreises entstanden: ein wichtiges Werk, das in keiner Bergsteigerbibliothek fehlen sollte. »Sicherheit und Risiko« ist wurde bereits in mehrere Sprachen übersetzt.