Renal Diet Cookbook

Author: Susan Zogheib, Mhs Rd Ldn
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 1623156610
Release Date: 2015-10-30
Genre: Cooking

More Than a Kidney Cookbook: Your 28-Day Action Plan to Kick-Start a Kidney-Healthy Diet "Susan has done a masterful job in educating patients about their disease, explaining why watching your diet is important, and offering meal plans and recipes that encourage compliance and fun. - John Wigneswaran, MD, VP Clinical Affairs DaVita Healthcare Partners While a kidney disease diagnosis can be overwhelming, you're not alone. Nearly 26 million adults are affected by chronic kidney disease. But there is hope. Your diet. In the Renal Diet Cookbook, renal dietician Susan Zogheib, MHS, RD, LDN provides a 28-day plan to establish long-term dietary changes to slow the progression of kidney disease. She knows it can be confusing to figure out which foods to eat and which to avoid. In her comprehensive renal diet cookbook, she details weekly meal plans featuring recipes that keep your potassium, sodium, and phosphorous levels in check. This kidney cookbook removes the mystery and stress of figuring out what foods to eat, with: Targeted weekly meal plans to preserve your kidney health. Recipe modifications for dialysis patients. Helpful FAQs about managing chronic kidney disease. Arm yourself with all the knowledge you need with the Renal Diet Cookbook.

Renal Diet Cookbook

Author: Luca Fontaine
ISBN: 1539941566
Release Date: 2016-11-06

DOZENS OF AMAZING LOW SODIUM, LOW POTASSIUM RECIPES WITH PHOTOS, SERVING SIZE, AND NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION FOR EVERY SINGLE RECIPE! Kindle MatchBook: Buy the paperback edition and get the Kindle edition FREE! REGULAR PRICE: $14.99 | LIMITED TIME PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT Kidney problems have become increasingly common in the west. Chronic kidney disease and kidney stones can be painful and reduce our quality of life. You don't have to live that way! Recipes to reclaim your health! Whether you are battling chronic kidney disease or suffering from the pain of a kidney stone, restoring and maintaining kidney health is largely a function of a proper diet. Watching your sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein intake can be crucial to your recovery. If you are suffering from a kidney problem, this is the cookbook you have been waiting for! Dozens of delicious renal diet recipes! The recipes in this cookbook have been hand-picked to promote optimal kidney health. You will find delicious recipes you will love to eat again and again inside the pages of this cookbook. Each and every recipe contains complete nutritional and serving information as well as a photo! Don't miss out! Grab this book today at the limited time sale price and make a small investment in your health and well-being that will pay off huge in the long run!

Renal Diet Plan and Cookbook

Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 1623158699
Release Date: 2017-02-28
Genre: Cooking

"Patients are tired of having doctors tell them what they can't do and what they can't eat. Susan Zogheib has written a patient-centered renal diet cookbook with diet plans and recipes patients will want to use, not just because they are kidney- and heart-healthy, but because they taste so good." --Dr. George R. Aronoff, MD, MS, FACP, Chief Medical Officer at Renal Ventures Management, LLC With all the talk of dialysis, transplants, and treatments for comorbidities, living with chronic kidney disease can be overwhelming. When it comes to your diet, it takes more than a few substitutions to produce real change--and most people need help getting there. Following her bestselling Renal Diet Cookbook, Susan Zogheib takes renal health repair to the next level in the Renal Diet Plan & Cookbook: The Optimal Nutrition Guide to Manage Kidney Disease. With practical guidance that goes beyond kidney disease management, Zogheib offers an empowering, results-oriented renal diet cookbook with diet plans and recipes that help your kidneys work more effectively, allowing you to avoid more invasive options like dialysis or transplants. This renal diet cookbook delivers simple, effective nutritional solutions to get started right away. Easy-to-follow meal plans for low-sodium, low-protein, or low-fat customization More than 125 delicious recipes to meet your nutritional needs based on which stage you're currently facing Helpful nutritional facts for tracking calories, protein, sugar, fat, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus The Renal Diet Plan & Cookbook is your ultimate, all-in-one renal diet cookbook offering everything you need to take your kidney health into your own hands.

Renal Diet Cookbook

Author: Northern Press
ISBN: 1533074216
Release Date: 2016-05-07

This exclusive discount offer is only available until midnight. Act now! Quick Questions! Do you want a variety of recipes designed to manage your CKD? Do you want a 4-week diet plan given to you? Do you feel symptoms like feeling tired all the time or loss of appetite? Look No Further The way your kidney disease works is it will gradually get worse bit by bit over the long term. In the beginning stages symptoms may not even show and this puts your kidneys at risk. With a proven diet that works in favor with your kidney disease, managing your health becomes much, much easier While receiving the diagnosis that you have what is known as chronic kidney disease will likely feel as though the world is crumbling around you; being proactive about the diagnosis can allow you to once again return to solid ground. A big part of that means changing your diet and watching your intake of protein, phosphorus, potassium and sodium Inside you will find 77 different kidney friendly recipes broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts, each of which contains a complete breakdown of nutrition information to take the guesswork out of determining the amount of key nutrients that comes from homemade food. Forewarned is forearmed, and knowing these amounts could very well save your life In This Book, You'll Discover... A 4-Week Diet Plan Layed-Out For You 77 Delicious Recipes That Are Kidney-Friendly (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Desserts) A Wide Variety Of Recipes Including; Chinese Food, Italian Food, Indian Food, And A Number Of American Favorites Much, much, more! Take Action! Scroll up and Buy Your Copy Now

Renal Diet Cookbook

Author: Amanda Foster
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1537127829
Release Date: 2016-08-16

Enjoy a Delicious and Kidney-Friendly Lifestyle! Do you have Renal Failure? Does a friend or family member suffer from this condition? Would you like to adopt the healthy lifestyle your kidney need? If so, Renal Diet Cookbook: The Comprehensive Guide For Healthy Kidneys is the book you've been waiting for!Inside this essential guidebook, you'll discover how kidney failure works - and the common causes of this ailment. If you're ready to make the necessary changes and adjustments, this book is your faithful friend. It describes the foods you can consume (and which ones to avoid) and gives you the straight truth about managing this difficult disease. You need your kidneys! These vital organs perform many life-giving functions: Regulating the amount of water in your body Removing wastes from your blood Maintaining your body's balance of minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium Hormone production for blood pressure regulation and red blood cell production. If you're trying to avoid compulsory dialysis, you need Renal Diet Cookbook: The Comprehensive Guide For Healthy Kidneys. With this valuable information, you can slowly transition to a Renal Diet. Instead of drastically reducing your calorie intake, a dangerous approach that can cause total renal failure, you can give your body time to adjust with these timely and wise strategies. View this e-book on your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, or Kindle Device! You really can maintain a Renal Diet without giving up your enjoyment of food. Imagine yourself sharing these delightful dishes with your loved ones: Quick and Easy Renal Omelet Healthy Whole Wheat, Apple, and Raisin Muffins Delicious Apple and Cinnamon Crepes Yummy Yogurt and Banana Smoothies Quick and Easy Mac 'N' Cheese Creamy Baked Potato Soup Scrambles Egg and Green Onion Tortillas Tangy Chicken Salad Sandwich Asian Style Toasted Ramen and Sesame Salad Delicious Low Sodium Surf and Turf Gumbo Pan Cooked Chicken, Vegetables, and Rice Baked Fish with Lemon and Dill Weed You'll even discover a huge selection of Renal Diet desserts - like fresh Blueberry Cheesecake! Don't put off this essential healing lifestyle - Get your copy of Renal Diet Cookbook: The Comprehensive Guide For Healthy Kidneys right away! Just scroll up and hit the "Add To Cart" Button - It's easy! It's time to give your kidneys what they need!

How Not to Die

Author: Gene Stone
ISBN: 3946566294
Release Date: 2016

Die meisten aller frühzeitigen Todesfälle lassen sich verhindern - und zwar, so überraschend es klingen mag, durch einfache Änderungen der eigenen Lebens- und Ernährungsweise. Dr. Michael Greger, international renommierter Arzt, Ernährungswissenschaftler und Gründer des Online-Informationsportals, lüftet in seinem weltweit aussergewöhnlich erfolgreichen Beststeller das am besten gehütete Geheimnis der Medizin: Wenn die Grundbedingungen stimmen, kann sich der menschliche Körper selbst heilen. In How Not To Die analysiert Greger die häufigsten 15 Todesursachen der westlichen Welt, zu denen z. B. Herzerkrankungen, Krebs, Diabetes, Bluthochdruck und Parkinson zählen, und erläutert auf Basis der neuesten wissenschaftlichen Forschungsergebnisse, wie diese verhindert, in ihrer Entstehung aufgehalten oder sogar rückgängig gemacht werden können. Darüber hinaus erklärt er auf verständliche und enorm fesselnde, aber stets wissenschaftlich fundierte Weise, welche Lebensmittel besonders wertvoll und gesund für die verschiedenen Organe und Funktionen des menschlichen Körpers sind, und wie diese am besten kombiniert und verzehrt werden können. Sein "Tägliches Dutzend" fasst in einer so übersichtlichen wie praktischen Checkliste alle die Lebensmittel zusammen, die eine optimale Gesundheit unterstützen. Dieses Buch ist ein Muss für alle, die ihre gesundheitliche Zukunft selbstbestimmt und gut informiert in die eigenen Hände nehmen möchten. "Mit Abstand das beste Buch, dass ich je über Ernährung und Diäten gelesen habe." Dan Buettner, Bestseller-Autor der "The Blue Zones"

The Renal Patient s Guide to Good Eating

Author: Judith A. Curtis
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 9780398073992
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Medical

As a patient, the author, Mrs. Curtis, relates her own experience in dealing with the renal diet. Through a positive approach, she demonstrates that sometimes when you "make the best of it," the results are better than if the problem had not occurred. Fellow patients will recognize many of the author's feelings and obstacles as their own. The second edition of THE RENAL PATIENT'S GUIDE TO GOOD EATING includes many new dishes as well as nutritional information for all recipes. This should make it easier for renal patients and their dietitians to determine how these dishes can best fit into their diet plans. The analyses can be used as a guide to appropriate serving sizes for each patient's daily allowances of sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Great care has been taken to include complete nutrition information wherever possible. This cookbook is suitable for anyone. It does not separate the "dieters" from others. There will be no whispered requests for the salt shaker because the taste is there, in the form of herbs, spices, wine and other "allowed" flavorings. Especially valuable are the sections where salt is typically relied upon heavily, namely, meat, fish, poultry, sandwiches and vegetables. There are recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts, quick and simple to the more elaborate. The author provides guidelines for adjusting to a healthy heart diet, as well as to renal diets, which require more or less stringency. This book is certain to enlighten and inspire anyone with kidney disease, from the newly diagnosed to the more experienced. With this book, the doctor's answer to his patient's question "Could you give me some more ideas for meals?" can be answered with "I have just the book for you "

Group Home Cookbook

Author: Jacqueline Larson, M.S., R.D.N.
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 9781682896464
Release Date: 2016-04-29
Genre: Cooking

A large amount of individuals with special needs benefit from following individualized diet plans. The appropriate diet plan can be prepared to prevent allergic reactions, ease the chewing and swallowing, treat a chronic condition such as renal failure, hypertension, or reflux or even as preventative for disease such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer. For people who have chewing and swallowing difficulty providing a texture modified diet may be essential to preventing choking or aspiration. For individuals with food allergies or food intolerances, consuming certain foods can trigger annoying irritation or even a life threatening attack. For those who have chronic renal failure, a therapeutic defined renal diet can impact the progression of the disease. The Group Home Cookbook is a comprehensive especially designed for Group Homes. Each recipe in the cookbook provides guidelines for providing therapeutic and texture modified diets in a Group Home Setting or any home setting. The recipes are delicious, simple, easy and economical to prepare. The cookbook simplifies the task of preparing special diets. Each recipe also includes food safety and quality instructions. The therapeutic diet guidelines include LOWFAT, DIABETIC, ANTI GERD, RENAL, SODIUM CONTROLLED and GLUTEN FREE diets. The texture modified diets include CHOPPED, GROUND and PUREE diets. The recipes include alerts for WHEAT, MILK, EGGS, FISH, SOY AND NUT allergies. Preparing meals for specialized diet plans can be challenging. The Group Home Cookbook easily explains how to prepare specialized delicious and healthy meals. The guidelines in this cookbook, approaches the use of specialized diets with the latest medical and scientific research. Jacqueline Larson M.S., R.D.N. Testimonials The Cookbook is great for personal use as well as for Group Homes. I bought one for myself and just love it, as well as it is wonderful for the company I work for. Clients are always pleased with their meals and their weights are stable. Joanna Hamilton RN Great recipes, easy to follow, a must have not only for group home but for every home. I love it! Cheska, Elizabeth Homes, QIDP Recipes sized to patient populations needed for community programs. Healthy foods that your groups will enjoy! Good for You, tested, tasty and healthy recipes! Lower in sodium, fats and sugars than unmodified recipes. Heart-wise, Healthy, Easy to Prepare and Tasty Connecting healthy eating to national dietary goals. A Manual for Daily Use- good variety, recipe and menu options Cooking basics and content for staff in-service training Your "Go-To" Manual, easier to "Go Do" & "Get To" Better Nutritional Health Use this manual to "Eat Well" and "Be Well". Guidance for groups improving quality of care in meals and health Debbie Eckhart A much needed resource when caring for individuals requiring modified diets, without taking away taste and pleasure when eating. Cary Kreutzer, EdD, MPH, RD, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, Davis School of Gerontology. "I use Jackie Larson’s cookbook every semester with my dietetics students. It's an invaluable training tool for hands-on experience with therapeutic diets and modified food textures." Beth Blake, MPH, RD DT program director

The Complete Idiot s Guide Greens Cookbook

Author: Trish Sebben-Krupka
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781615643462
Release Date: 2013-05-07
Genre: Cooking

The Complete Idiot's Guide® Greens Cookbook includes more than 200 mostly vegan and many vegetarian recipes for greens and provides nutritional and preparation information to help readers get the most flavor and nutrition from the greens they eat. In addition to traditional greens, this cookbook covers many newly-popular greens, such as bok choy, beet, kale, and dandelion.

Healthy Eating on a Renal Diet

Publisher: MacLennan & Petty
ISBN: WISC:89057641078
Release Date: 1991-01-01
Genre: Medical

This cookbook focuses on the dietary concerns of renal patients. Eight dieticians have collaborated to produce a practical collection of recipes covering all stages of kidney disease and also include patient information on the importance of diet in the management of renal disease and predialysis.

The No Salt Lowest Sodium International Cookbook

Author: Donald A. Gazzaniga
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781466819153
Release Date: 2007-11-13
Genre: Cooking

When a serious heart problem caused Don Gazzaniga to give up his career in communications, he was warned to keep to a diet with very little salt or other sodium. Undaunted, he discovered a way to continue enjoying the meals he loved and still keep his sodium level far below what most cardiologists feel they can expect from their patients. The idea has led to three published books found on the kitchen shelves of thousands of grateful families dealing with congestive heart failure. First came a large general cookbook. It was followed by a baking book, and then a book of recipes for light meals and snacks. What could be next? Before Don's illness, he and his wife, Maureen, traveled a lot. Don's job took him all over the globe. And wherever they went, they sought out that country's traditional dishes. When the light-meals book was finished, Don was looking for yet another low-sodium cookbook idea. He and Maureen pulled out their collection of recipes, did their magic of making them very low on sodium, and voilà! The No-Salt, Losest-Sodium International Cookbook is a delicious and healthy treat for the entire family.

Pediatric Kidney Disease

Author: Denis F. Geary
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783662529720
Release Date: 2017-02-23
Genre: Medical

The new edition of this valuable clinical resource offers a state of the art, comprehensive review on every clinical condition encountered in pediatric nephrology. International experts present the latest knowledge on epidemiology, diagnosis, management, and prognosis in one concise, clinically focused text, in which care has been taken to couple just the right amount of "need-to-know" basic science with practical clinical guidance that will enable the reader to make efficient, informed decisions. The topics covered include: disorders of renal development, glomerular disorders, the kidney and systemic disease, renal tubular disorders, tubulointerstitial disease, urinary tract disorders, acute kidney injury, hypertension, chronic and end-stage renal disease, and renal replacement therapy. The full-color, highly visual, meticulously crafted format will ensure that the practitioner is able to source and apply information with remarkable ease.

Strength and Compassion in Kidney Failure

Author: E.A. Friedman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789401152969
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Medical

Having kidney failure is not a unique experience. Neither is receiving a kidney transplant or undergoing dialysis. Adopting to irreversible uremia - a devastating illness- by assisting others to cope with their own life trial represents the best of human traits. Bonded by marriage for 42 years, I was privileged to love and live with a marvelous and unique individual whose approach to life with this horrific disease taught me to regard every moment of our existence as precious. Preparation of this volume had two main objectives: 1) To honor the author for all of efforts in behalf of kidney patients. 2) To disseminate her insights and wisdom to those who may derive comfort and benefit from her words. Mildred (Barry) Friedman was a medical writer and patient advocate devoted to the American Association of Kidney Patients, who died at University Hospital of Brooklyn on September 21 st 1997 at the age of 61 of complications of type 1 diabetes. Barry, the second child of Leontine and Hardinge Barrett-Lennard, was born on October 17,1935 in Manhattan and attended Brooklyn College as a New York State Scholarship Awardee earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1953. She subsequently began teaching in the New York City elementary schools gaining a Master's degree in education. Following the birth of her third child, Barry developed both diabetes and Addison's disease forcing her retirement from teaching.