Just Do Something

Author: Kevin L. DeYoung
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9780802490346
Release Date: 2014-03-21
Genre: Religion

Why won’t God reveal his special will for my life already? Because he doesn’t intend to... So says Kevin DeYoung in this punchy book about making decisions the godly way. Many of us are listening for the still small voice to tell us what’s next instead of listening to the clear voice in Scripture telling us what’s now. God does have a will for your life, but it is the same as everyone else’s: Seek first the kingdom of God. And quit floundering. With pastoral wisdom and tasteful wit, DeYoung debunks unbiblical ways of understanding God’s will and constructs a simple but biblical alternative: live like Christ. He exposes the frustrations of our waiting games and unfolds the freedom of finding God’s will in Scripture and then simply doing it. This book is a call to put down our Magic 8-Balls and pick up God’s Word. It’s a call to get wisdom, follow Christ, be holy, and live freely. To just do something.

Don t Just Do Something Stand There

Author: Marvin R. Weisbord
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1576755150
Release Date: 2007-07-16
Genre: Business & Economics

Weisbord and Janoff offer ten principles that will allow readers to get more done in meetings by doing less. Based on over 30 years of experience and extensive research, they show exactly how to establish a meeting structure that will create conditions for success, efficiency, and productivity.

Don t Just Do Something Sit There

Author: Sylvia Boorstein
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780062111920
Release Date: 2011-08-09
Genre: Self-Help

Get away from doing and into being with this lively, down-to-earth guide to your own meditation retreat by beloved mindfulness meditation teacher Sylvia Boorstein. Presenting what Jon Kabat-Zinn has called "endearingly personal mindfulness wisdom," she offers a three-day retreat plan accompanied by timeless lessons -- always grounded in real life -- on how anyone can achieve calm, clarity and joy through meditation practices.

Don t Just Do Something Sit there

Author: Bob Thomson
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9781780632063
Release Date: 2009-01-31
Genre: Business & Economics

Don't Just Do Something, Sit There offers anyone who would like to learn how to coach or to develop their existing coaching skills a practical guide to coaching people using a predominantly non-directive approach. It explores how a coach can help others to think through their situation and find their own way forward, one which reflects the reality and constraints of their situation. The book considers the skills which underpin successful coaching – listening attentively, asking questions that help the other to think, and playing back to communicate or check understanding. It explores the spectrum of directive to non-directive coaching, considers practical aspects such as confidentiality, describes a range of tools that a coach might use, and looks at how a line manager can adopt a coaching style. It also considers the philosophical and psychological foundations of non-directive coaching. Written by an experienced coach in clear and easily understood language Aimed at managers, consultants and HR professionals who want to use a non-directive approach to empowering others and releasing their potential Chapters can be read as stand alone guides to topics such as listening, questioning, becoming a capable coach, and the inner game of coaching

Don t Just Do Something Stand There

Author: Kyla Carson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462820467
Release Date: 2009-08-19
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! is an inspiring self-help book that illustrates how early childhood wounds do not have to define a person. You will fi nd the tools, meditations, guidance, and exercises needed to enjoy an authentic and deeply lived life. And laugh along the journey. Kyla Carson reveals the experiences that have taught her to live in the now, to embrace life’s lemons and open a lemonade stand. Join Kyla on her path towards the awareness she has gained through love, curiosity, and a fearless hunger for truth.

Don t Just Do Something Sit There

Author: Wallace Chapman
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9781742539102
Release Date: 2013-04-24
Genre: Humor

Popular TV and radio personality Wallace Chapman is on a mission. A mission to chill us all out. He's thought a lot about the syndrome of modern life and thinks he has a few answers. Ranging over such subjects as careers, technology, health and well-being, food, sex and relationships, and employing a captivating mix of pop psychology, science, philosophy and humour, Chapman distils the many mixed messages we receive on a daily basis into a self-help book that's not actually a self-help book.

Don t just do something sit there

Author: Richard M. Eyre
Publisher: Fireside
ISBN: 0671887297
Release Date: 1995-01
Genre: Literary Criticism

Rewriting common cliche+a7s into thoughts appropriate for today, the author offers such gems as "if a thing is just barely worth doing, then just barely do it," and "commitment is what allows familiarity without contempt." Original. 125,000 first printing.

Just Do It

Author: June Mokoka
Publisher: Partridge Africa
ISBN: 9781482802375
Release Date: 2014-08-07
Genre: Self-Help

Like most other people, I had struggled and worked hard to survive all my life, dealing with difficulties and obstacles as best I could. I had spent so many years ignoring my true desires, and what was in my heart. Instead, I followed the expectations of others. This book is a compilation of my Top List of Inspirational expressions from stories of people who didn’t give up when they encountered difficulties. I believe we were all created to make a difference in our world of influence. Yet, that doesn’t mean we are free from obstacles, there’s always going to be a mountain on our way, and that’s when most people express their fear. You will find short daily inspirational words that will assist you develop a fearless mindset because “Fear Is the Root of All Evil. It surfaces itself as corruption, crime, greed, anger, abuse, violence and war. But, all it really takes is devotion, courage; tenacity and willpower to weather the storms of life. You will discover that once you refuse to let temporary setbacks overwhelm you, all that is left for you to do is to persevere, try one more time, defy the odds and “JUST DO IT.” DON’T STOP!


Author: Timothy Keller
Publisher: Brunnen Verlag Gießen
ISBN: 9783765573989
Release Date: 2016-02-16
Genre: Religion

"Das Gebet ist die einzige Tür zu echter Selbsterkenntnis ... Durch das Gebet gibt Gott uns so viele der unvorstellbaren Schätze, die er für uns bereithält, ja das Gebet ermöglicht es ihm, viele unserer tiefsten Sehnsüchte zu erfüllen. Wenn wir beten, lernen wir Gott kennen, lernen wir es, ihn endlich als Gott zu behandeln. Das Gebet ist der Schlüssel zu allem, was wir in unserem Leben tun müssen und sein müssen. Wir müssen beten lernen. Wir haben keine Wahl." Timothy Keller Auf solidem theologischen Grund, immer ausgerichtet an der Bibel, führt Bestseller-Autor Timothy Keller den Leser durch verschiedene christliche Formen und Praktiken des Gebets. Er geht mit ihm durch die Höhen und Tiefen des eigenen Gebetslebens, bis hin zu ganz praktischen Tipps zum Meditieren von Bibeltexten und zu täglichen Gebetszeiten.

Die subtile Kunst des darauf Schei ens

Author: Mark Manson
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 9783961210596
Release Date: 2017-05-08
Genre: Self-Help

Scheiß auf positives Denken sagt Mark Manson. Die ungeschönte Perspektive ist ihm lieber. Wenn etwas scheiße ist, dann ist es das eben. Und wenn man etwas nicht kann, dann sollte man dazu stehen. Nicht jeder kann in allem außergewöhnlich sein und das ist gut so. Wenn man seine Grenzen akzeptiert, findet man die Stärke, die man braucht. Denn es gibt so viele Dinge, auf die man im Gegenzug scheißen kann. Man muss nur herausfinden, welche das sind und wie man sie sich richtig am Arsch vorbeigehen lässt. So kann man sich dann auf die eigenen Stärken und die wichtigen Dinge besinnen und hat mehr Zeit, sein Potential gänzlich auszuschöpfen. Die subtile Kunst des darauf Scheißens verbindet unterhaltsame Geschichten und schonungslosen Humor mit hilfreichen Tipps für ein entspannteres und besseres Leben. Damit man seine Energie für sinnvolleres verwendet als für Dinge, die einem egal sein können.

Do Something

Author: Ike Amadi
Publisher: Ike Amadi
ISBN: 9789789112227
Release Date: 2010-10-10

There are several reasons to pick up this book. However my three favourite reasons are its engaging title, it’s a fast read and it’s a thoughtful book. For anyone who wants their dreams to come to pass, the author Ike Amadi, by using bible principles shows how to become a “DoSomethingPerson.” Convert the Theory you know into Practice D is for Decision: “It’s your responsibility. Decide to be different. Decide to maximize your potentials.” O is for Open your eyes- beyond what you see: “Live in the future while in the present. Tone down your pessimistic attitude.” S is for Sacrifice: “Focus. Get rid of distracting factors.” O is for Overcome that fear of failure: “Rather than retreat, regroup and refire.” M is for Motivation: “You need to know “why” you do what you do. It’ll keep you and the vision alive.” ...