International Law

Author: Vaughan Lowe
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199230839
Release Date: 2007-09-27
Genre: Business & Economics

"It covers all the main areas of International Law, such as International Economic Law, International Environmental Law, and the ways International Law deals with different types of armed conflict. It also concludes with a short chapter examining the prospects for International Law."--BOOK JACKET.

The Conflict of Laws

Author: Adrian Briggs
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199679270
Release Date: 2013-04-25
Genre: Law

Written by one of the leading scholars of private international law, this third edition is an accessible introduction to the challenging area of the conflict of laws. Fully reconfigured to take into account the changes brought about by the European Regulations, Adrian Briggs' volume is an essential overview to the field.

Introduction to Company Law

Author: Paul Lyndon Davies
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199601325
Release Date: 2010-09-23
Genre: Law

Part of the 'Clarendon Law Series' this volume offers a concise introduction to company law. It sets out the five key functions of company law, as well as examining how to maximise the benefits whilst minimising the costs of creating a company.

Natural Law and Natural Rights

Author: John Finnis
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199599134
Release Date: 2011-04-07
Genre: Law

Natural Law and Natural Rights is widely recognised as a seminal contribution to the philosophy of law, and an essential reference point for all students of the subject. This new edition includes a substantial postscript by the author responding to thirty years of comment, criticism, and further work in the field.

Public Law

Author: Richard Clements
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780198715733
Release Date: 2015-01-08
Genre: Law

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Employment Law

Author: Hugh Collins
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199566556
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Law

This updated edition offers a fresh approach to the law governing employment relations, emphasizing the contemporary policy themes of social inclusion, competitiveness, and the rights of citizenship in the workplace. It acts as a succinct and accessible overview for those new to the subject as well as an excellent summary for students. Employment Law covers all the main areas of the subject including contracts of employment, anti-discrimination law, trade unions, industrial action, and human rights in the workplace. It also discusses how UK law, under the influence of EU law and international protection of human rights, has been transformed for the twentieth-first century by pursuing new goals such as helping to achieve a better balance between work and life, to improve the competitiveness of business through partnership institutions, and to provide superior protection for the basic rights of employees in the workplace. Offering frequent comparisons with the law of other countries, including the United States, the book also discusses the effectiveness of employment regulation as well as examining the different national and transnational methods available.

Land Law

Author: Elizabeth Cooke
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199653232
Release Date: 2012-06-28
Genre: Law

Written by the Law Commissioner responsible for land law, this second edition is an invaluable resource for students new to the subject. It provides a clear overview of the subject, details key cases, and offers both a clear explanation of how the law works and insights into how property lawyers think.

The Anthropology of Law

Author: Fernanda Pirie
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199696840
Release Date: 2013-10
Genre: Law

Questions about the nature of law, its relationship with custom, and the distinctive form of legal rules, categories, and reasoning, are placed at the centre of this introduction to the anthropology of law. It brings empirical scholarship within the scope of legal philosophy, while suggesting new avenues of inquiry for the anthropologist. Going beyond the functional and instrumental aspects of law that underlie traditional ethnographic studies of order and conflict resolution, The Anthropology of Law considers contemporary debates on human rights and new forms of property, but also delves into the rich corpus of texts and codes studied by legal historians, classicists, and orientalist scholars. Studies of the great legal systems of ancient China, India, and the Islamic world, unjustly neglected by anthropologists, are examined alongside forms of law created on their peripheries. The coutumes of medieval Europe, the codes drawn up by tribal groups in Tibet and the Yemen, village laws on both sides of the Mediterranean, and the intricate codes of saga in Iceland provide rich empirical detail for the author's analysis of the cross-cultural importance of the form of law, as text or rule, and the relative marginality of its functions as an instrument of government or foundation of social order. Carefully-selected examples shed new light upon the interrelations and distinctions between law, custom, and justice. Gradually an argument unfolds concerning the tensions between legalistic thought and argument, and the ideological or aspirational claims to embody justice, morality, and religious truth which lie at the heart of what we think of as law.

Conflicts of Law and Morality

Author: Kent Greenawalt
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195363299
Release Date: 1989-05-04
Genre: Philosophy

Powerful emotion and pursuit of self-interest have many times led people to break the law with the belief that they are doing so with sound moral reasons. This study, a comprehensive philosophical and legal analysis of the gray area in which the foundations of law and morality clash, views these oblique circumstances from two perspectives: that of the person who faces a possible conflict between the claims of morality and law and must choose whether or not to obey the penal code; and that of the people who make and uphold laws and must decide whether to treat someone with a moral claim to disobey differently from ordinary lawbreakers. In examining the extent of the obligations owed by citizens to their government, Greenawalt concentrates on the possible existence of a single source of obligation that reaches all citizens and all laws. He also discusses techniques of amelioration of punishment for conscientious lawbreakers, asking how far legal systems should go to accommodate individuals who break the law for reason of conscience. Drawing from numerous examples of conflicts between law and morality, Greeawalt illustrates in detail the positions and predicaments of potential lawbreakers and lawmakers alike.

Public Law

Author: Adam Tomkins
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780191018602
Release Date: 2003-07-17
Genre: Law

Written in the well-established tradition of the Clarendon Law Series, Public Law offers a stimulating re-interpretation of the central themes and problems of English constitutional law. It offers full consideration of the historical development of public law. This book is an introduction that will be especially appealing to the enquiring student who is looking to reflect critically on the assumptions underpinning the standard presentation of the subject.Written throughout in an engaging and accessible style, Public Law examines the issues of power and accountability that are central to constitutional and administrative law. Among the topics considered are the unwritten nature of the constitution, the changing relationship between the law and the politics of the constitution, the separation of powers, the enduring influence of the crown, the role and functions of Parliament, questions of responsible government, and the law of judicialreview and human rights.

Discrimination Law

Author: Sandra Fredman
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199584420
Release Date: 2011-05-26
Genre: Law

A highly readable introduction to equality law and how it has adjusted to new and complex problems. Including an historical overview and comparative analysis, it thematically illuminates and discusses the major issues in discrimination law. This edition incorporates recent changes to the law, most importantly the Equality Act 2010.

Law and integration in the European Union

Author: Stephen Weatherill
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: UOM:39015034541741
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Law

In recent years the European Union has enjoyed a significant increase in its profile at both national and international levels. This book explains how the legal rules which underpin the process of integration in the European Union have been shaped in order to give effect to the Union's objectives. It is accordingly suitable as an introductory text designed to expose the reader to the basic constitutional and substantive principles of European Union law. Union law exerts an increasingly profound impact on domestic law and this book will equip a lawyer unfamiliar with the principles of Union law with an awareness of when and why Union law is of relevance in domestic litigation. The evolution of Union law continues apace. Increasingly its law has developed as an instrument of market integration and of market regulation. However recent years have witnessed controversy concerning the appropriate allocation of responsibilities between the Union's own institutions and national authorities. This book provides a fully up-to-date assessment of the changing shape of the European Union and its legal structure.

International Law in the U S Legal System

Author: Curtis Bradley
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 9780195328592
Release Date: 2013-03-21
Genre: Law

International Law in the U.S. Legal System decodes the often complicated ways that international law operates within the United States legal system and sheds light on unresolved issues and areas of controversy. The book covers all of the principal forms of international law including treaties, decisions and orders of international institutions, customary international law, jus cogens norms, and general principles. It also explores a number of issues that are implicated by the intersection of U.S. law and international law, such as foreign sovereign immunity, international human rights litigation, extradition, and extraterritoriality.

An Introduction to Family Law

Author: Gillian Douglas
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0199270945
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Law

This work approaches the study of family law by tracing the evolution of family relationships from their origins through to their possible termination and aftermath, and elucidating the legal framework which applies to each stage of this evolution.

Contract Theory

Author: Stephen A. Smith
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0198765614
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Law

Smith presents an examination of our understanding of the theoretical foundations of the common law of contract. The book helps readers understand the nature of the idea and justification of contractual obligation.