Herreshoff American Masterpieces

Author: Maynard Bray
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393248494
Release Date: 2016-11-22
Genre: Transportation

Elegant by design and spectacular in performance, thirty-six iconic Herreshoff boats are showcased in magnificent photographs and original drawings. The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company—led by its founding spirit, the brilliant designer Captain Nathanael Greene Herreshoff (1848–1938)— constructed the most thrilling, innovative, and graceful boats ever built in the United States, not only lavish yachts and thoroughbred racing classes but also daysailers and dinghies, weekend cruisers and motor launches. Marine historian Maynard Bray and Herreshoff expert Claas van der Linde, in collaboration with renowned nautical photographer Benjamin Mendlowitz, present the very finest of the Herreshoff designs afloat today, with insightful commentary on design evolution in every facet from lines to displacement to hardware, accompanied by full-color images of each vessel both in detail and under way, as well as unique color reproductions of Herreshoff’s own archival plans and drawings. Each entry incorporates a history of the boat (or class), its owners, race results, and fate, celebrating the many that still grace our waters.

Die Macht des Gedankens

Author: Orison Swett Marden
Publisher: Orison Swett Marden
ISBN: 9783944432151
Release Date: 2014-11-23
Genre: Self-Help

Aus dem Inhalt: Der Glaube an hemmende Schranken und die Überzeugung, dass wir uns nicht über die Umstände zu erheben vermögen, sondern ihre willenlosen Opfer bleiben müssen, schwächen unsre Fähigkeit etwas zu erreichen und auszuführen derartig, dass wir tausend traurige Misserfolge erleiden und sind schuld an einem großen Teil der Armut und des Elends der Menschheit.Wie kann ein Mensch sich aus dem Unglück erheben, solange er noch nicht einmal davon überzeugt ist, dass er es kann? Gibt es irgendeine Wissenschaft, die einen Menschen in den Stand setzt zu können, solange er denkt, er könne nicht? Gibt es eine Philosophie, durch die ein Mensch sich erheben kann, solange er nicht emporblickt? Gibt es einen Weg, auf dem ein Mensch zum Erfolg schreiten kann, solange er Misserfolg denkt, spricht und lebt? Kein Mensch kann gleichzeitig nach zwei entgegengesetzten Richtungen gehen: es gibt keine Gewissheit neben dem Zweifel. Ehe du nicht aus deinem Lebenswörterbuch die Worte „Schicksal“, „Ich kann nicht“ und „Zweifel“ ausstreichst, kommst du niemals in die Höhe. Du kannst nicht stark werden, solange du von der Überzeugung erfüllt bist, dass du schwach seist, und du kannst nicht glücklich sein, solange du immerfort bei dem Gedanken verweilst, wie unglücklich du bist. Starker Glaube an sich selbst vernichtet allen Zweifel, alle Unsicherheit, alles was den Geist von einer Sache abzieht, und stärkt so die Kraft zur Sammlung aller Geisteskräfte auf einen Punkt: dadurch wird ein stetiges Vorwärtsschreiten in derselben Richtung, ohne Ablenkung und Zerstreuung der Energie, möglich. Entdecker, Erfinder, Reformatoren - diese alle haben den Geist unbesiegbarer Bejahung. Erstveröffentlichung: 1921, Autor: Orison Swett Marden Originaltitel: Every man a king, or might in mind-mastery. 1906. 3. E-Book-Auflage (Januar 2014): ISBN 978-3-944432-15-1 Umfang: ca. 155 Buchseiten, 21 Kapitel

Rhode Island A History States and the Nation

Author: William McLoughlin
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393348668
Release Date: 1986-06-17
Genre: History

With a Historical Guide prepared by the editors of the American Association for State and Local History. High atop the Rhode Island capitol in Providence, a bronze likeness of "The Independent Man" keeps watch over a state that historically has put the ideal of individual liberty before all others. Like many ideals, this one was freighted with many meanings. As the colony grew in the seventeenth century, the belief in religious liberty and freedom of conscience espoused by its founder, Roger Williams, led to the development of political liberty and practical democracy. In the eighteenth century, that dedication to individualism made Rhode Islanders into businessmen of the first order, willing to take the big risk in hope of a bigger reward. Their land being poor in natural resources, Rhode Islanders turned to trade; accumulating wealth from traffic in rum and slaves, they built in Newport and Providence small but elegant copies of Georgian England, and worried more about taxes and currency than about religion. When they felt poorly served by British policies, they became ready revolutionaries and led in the founding of a new nation. After the Civil War, their children took individual liberty to mean economic laissez-faire, ushering in the state's golden age when Rhode Island senator Nelson Aldrich became known as the "general manager" of the United States. Through countless changes in the twentieth century, the ideal still survives and asks old questions of new generations of Rhode Islanders from many ethnic backgrounds: How best to reconcile the rights of minorities with the rule of the majority, and how best to secure the individual liberty and economic opportunity that Roger Williams and Moses Brown would have understood so well?

Temple to the Wind

Author: Christopher Pastore
Publisher: Globe Pequot
ISBN: 1592285570
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Reliance was a yacht like no other, built in 1903, the peak of the age of sail. A marvel of her time, Reliance's mast towered 196 feet above the water, with sails stretching 202 feet from the bowsprit to the boom's end. Many said Reliance, carrying more sail than any boat before or since, was simply too dangerous to sail, but the stakes were awesome: The America's Cup in 1903 was more than a gentleman's game; it was an all-or-nothing contest between two great rivals, rivals, Britain and America, with all the intensity of the later race into space. Behind Reliance was a gallery of American greats. There was Nathaniel Herreshoff, perhaps our greatest yacht designer, also known as the Wizard of Bristol. And there were the robber barons who made America, men like J. P. Morgan and John Rockefeller. Such men spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to win the America's Cup. On the other side of the Atlantic, Thomas Lipton, scrappy founder of the Lipton tea and grocery empire, put his personal fortune behind the construction of an equally bold challenger, his Shamrock. From conception to construction, through hair-raising sea trials--two men died in separate incidents testing the yachts--to the grand finale of a race like no other, author Christopher Pastore brings to life this most beautiful and dangerous vessel, as well as the hearts it won and the hearts it broke. It is simply one of the most exciting sea tales ever told.

Sensible cruising designs

Author: Lewis Francis Herreshoff
Publisher: International Marine Publishing Co
ISBN: UOM:39015006062395
Release Date: 1973-11
Genre: Sports & Recreation

L. Francis Herreshoff created some great yacht designs. His designs are marked by clean, sweeping lines and a simplicity of hull and rig that show that they have been drawn by a true artist. In each design, he strips away every non-essential and leaves the true elements of a masterpiece. His father, Nathanael G. Herreshoff, had the same genius, but whereas the work of the father emphasized engineering perfection, the work of the son emphasized artistic perfection. Francis Herreshoff's work certainly shows the influence of his father, but his designs are tempered with an even older tradition. One of Captain Nat's famous designs was the little Buzzards Bay 12 1/2-footer, which may be examined in the plans at the back of this book in the form of Francis Herreshoff's slightly enlarged copy, the Buzzards Bay 14-footer. It is interesting to note the influence of this design on L. Francis' well-known cruising ketch, the H-28. But the schooner yacht America, which came out decades before Captain Nat began designing yachts, also had considerable influence on several famous Francis Herreshoff designs, such as the Tioga II, now Ticonderoga. And L. Francis was obviously intrigued with the possibilities of the double-ender, an ancient form of hull. The primary designs in this book are based on L. Francis Herreshoff's series of articles in the Rudder magazine of the 1940's and 1950's detailing how to build many of his designs. It was a very popular series, and a considerable number of boats were built according to the plans and instructions L. Francis included. We have added to these design plans for 46 additional small craft and cruising yachts designed by L. Francis. It is our hope that his book will lead to the building of more and more boats from the designs of L. Francis Herreshoff. There could be no more fitting tribute to him.


Author: Carl Djerassi
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 3527304606
Release Date: 2011-12-27
Genre: Science

Das Bestreben etwas Neues als erster zu entdecken, ist eine wichtige Motivation. Die moralischen Konsequenzen werden in dem Stück "Oxygen" behandelt, in dem es um die Entdeckung von Sauerstoff geht, dem für das Leben auf der Erde wichtigsten Element. Im Zentrum des Stückes stehen chemische und politische Revolutionen sowie der Nobel-Preis, der 2001 zum 100. Mal vergeben wird. Das Stück spielt 1777 und 2001; zur Aufführung werden drei Schauspieler und drei Schauspielerinnen benötigt, die elf Personen darstellen. Die Urauffühung wird im Frühjahr 2001 in San Diego stattfinden, die deutsche Premiere im September. Die weltberühmten Autoren Carl Djerassi und Roald Hoffmann bürgen aufgrund ihrer Erfahrungen als Wissenschaftler - Carl Djerassi ist bekannt als "Vater der Pille" und Roald Hoffmann erhielt 1982 den Nobelpreis für Chemie - und als Schriftsteller - Djerassi schrieb mehrere erfolgreiche Romane, Hoffmann viel beachtete Lyrik - für Kompetenz und Spannung.

America and the Sea

Author: Daniel Finamore
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300114028
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Architecture

The history of America is largely a history of the sea. This marvelous book features a selection of more than two hundred of the finest objects from Mystic Seaport that tell the history of America and its maritime heritage. Presented with accessible texts and beautiful reproductions are masterpieces of maritime painting, exquisite photographs of classic yachts and powerboat races, and diverse prints and watercolors. Unique examples of American folk art--yarn paintings, reverse paintings on glass, sailors’ valentines, shadowbox ship models, and ships in bottles--are also explored in detail, along with watercraft, scrimshaw, ship figureheads, and silver yachting trophies.Essays written by distinguished experts describe the individual forms of expression, discuss the artists and craftsmen, and offer commentary on the ways in which America’s maritime history is interwoven with its economic development and cultural history. Elegantly designed and lavishly produced, America and the Sea offers intriguing new evidence of the indisputable relevance of maritime history to American life and art.