Five Families

Author: Selwyn Raab
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429907983
Release Date: 2014-05-13
Genre: True Crime

Genovese, Gambino, Bonnano, Colombo and Lucchese. For decades these Five Families ruled New York and built the American Mafia (or Cosa Nostra) into an underworld empire. Today, the Mafia is an endangered species, battered and beleaguered by aggressive investigators, incompetent leadership, betrayals and generational changes that produced violent and unreliable leaders and recruits. A twenty year assault against the five families in particular blossomed into the most successful law enforcement campaign of the last century. Selwyn Raab's Five Families is the vivid story of the rise and fall of New York's premier dons from Lucky Luciano to Paul Castellano to John Gotti and more. The book also brings the reader right up to the possible resurgence of the Mafia as the FBI and local law enforcement agencies turn their attention to homeland security and away from organized crime.

American Gangsters Then and Now An Encyclopedia

Author: Nate Hendley
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9780313354526
Release Date: 2009-12-23
Genre: Social Science

A detailed compendium of American gangsters and gangs from the end of the Civil War to the present day. • Comprises 50 alphabetically organized entries on American gangsters and gangs from the post-Civil War era to the present • Offers a wealth of primary sources, including newspaper articles dating back to the 1880s and FBI files obtained by the author • Includes photographs of prominent American gangsters and the aftermaths of their crimes • Presents a glossary of gangster slang, past and present • Provides a comprehensive index

FLAMETTI Vom Dandysmus der Armen Autobiografischer Roman

Author: Hugo Ball
Publisher: e-artnow
ISBN: 9788026867180
Release Date: 2016-07-11
Genre: Fiction

Dieses eBook: "FLAMETTI - Vom Dandysmus der Armen (Autobiografischer Roman)" ist mit einem detaillierten und dynamischen Inhaltsverzeichnis versehen und wurde sorgfältig korrekturgelesen. Hugo Ball (1886-1927) war ein deutscher Autor und Biograf. Außerdem war er einer der Mitgründer der Dada-Bewegung und ein Pionier des Lautgedichts. Aus dem Buch: „Es kam, wie es kommen mußte: auch diese Pièce war schließlich zu Ende. Man machte Platz und Mutter Dudlinger und Herr Pips fanden Unterkunft in der Rosenlaube, wo sich Herr Pips sofort unbehaglich fühlte, weil er nicht nach Wunsch Fühlung nehmen konnte. Das Orchester spielte den Hindenburgmarsch, breit, wuchtig und forsch, wie es der Denkungsart dieses obersten Heerführers entspricht, als eben mit ihrem Impresario Miß Ranovalla de Singapore eintrat, ein siamesisches Gegenstück zu Mutter Dudlinger, schwarz von Gesicht, ein zinnoberrotes Mäntelchen um die Schultern gehängt, aufgeputzt wie ein Affe.”

Der Pate

Author: Mario Puzo
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783644459519
Release Date: 2012-09-01
Genre: Fiction

Ein mitreißender Mafia-Thriller Der kleine Vito entkommt als Einziger einem Massaker in seinem Heimatort auf Sizilien. Er flieht nach New York und wird als Erwachsener zum gefürchteten Paten der amerikanischen Mafia. Aber ihn beherrscht nur ein Gedanke: Er will den Mord an seiner Familie rächen. «Im New York der 30er Jahre haben einige italienische Großfamilien die Stadt unter sich aufgeteilt. Wetten, Bestechung und Schmuggel gehören zu den krummen Geschäften der Männer, die ihrem Paten Don Vito Corleone absolute Treue geschworen haben. Alles läuft nach den festen Regeln der ehrenwerten Gesellschaft ab – bis ein Bandenkrieg ausbricht. Mario Puzo beschreibt das Bandenmilieu detailgetreu und unheimlich mitreißend. Keine Angst vor den vielen Seiten, die hat man in null Komma nix gelesen.» (Brigitte)

Mob Rules

Author: Louis Ferrante
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101515341
Release Date: 2011-06-02
Genre: Business & Economics

The Mob is notorious for its cruel and immoral practices, but its most successful members have always been extremely smart businessmen. Now, former mobster Louis Ferrante reveals its surprisingly effective management techniques and explains how to apply them-legally-to any legitimate business. As an associate of the Gambino family, Ferrante relied on his instincts to pull off some of the biggest heists in U.S. history. By the age of twenty-one, he had netted millions of dollars for his employers. His natural talent for management led Mafia bosses to rely on him. After being arrested and serving an eight-and-a-half-year prison sentence, Ferrante went straight. He realized that the Mob's most valuable business lessons would allow him to survive and thrive in the real world. Now he offers eighty-eight time-tested Mafia strategies, including: * Go get your own coffee!: Respecting the chain of command without being a sucker. * The walls have ears: Never bad-mouth the boss. * Is this phone tapped?: Watch what you say every day. * How to bury the hatchet-but not in someone's head. * Don't split yourself in half: The wrong decision is better than none at all. * Don't build Yankee stadium, just supply the concrete: Spotting new rackets. * Leave the gun, take the cannolis...and beware of hubris. Ferrante brings his real-life experiences to the book, offering fascinating advice that really works and sharing behind-the-scenes episodes almost as outrageous as those occurring on Wall Street every day.

Der letzte Pate

Author: Mario Puzo
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783644417618
Release Date: 2009-11-16
Genre: Fiction

Vendetta in Hollywood Die Enkel des mächtigen Mafiabosses Don Clericuzio, Cross und Dante, gehen gegen den Willen ihres Großvaters eigene Wege. Cross steigt in das von der Mafia gemiedene Filmgeschäft ein, Dante bringt den Clan durch sein hitzköpfiges Verhalten in Schwierigkeiten. Die Unüberlegtheit der beiden jungen Männer führt die Familie an den Rand des Abgrunds, es kommt zum Showdown in Hollywood. Doch einer hat die Fäden nie aus der Hand gegeben – der letzte Pate. «Puzo in Hochform.» (Time) «Eine fesselnde Geschichte voll unvergesslicher Figuren.» (USA Today) «Das unterhaltsamste Buch seit ‹Der Pate›.» (New York Times)

Boardwalk Empire and Philosophy

Author: Richard Greene
Publisher: Open Court
ISBN: 9780812698398
Release Date: 2013-08-19
Genre: Philosophy

From Machiavellian city officials to big time mobsters (such as Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, and Al Capone) to corrupt beat cops to overzealous G-men to suffragettes to abolitionists to innocent citizens caught in the crossfire, Boardwalk Empire is replete with philosophically compelling characters who find themselves in philosophically interesting situations. As Boardwalk Empire is based on historical events, political figures and mobsters, the philosophical issues raised bear on “real life” in the way the few fictional television shows and movies do. We see parallels with the events in Boardwalk Empire and contemporary political events, and between the characters in Boardwalk Empire (good, bad, and ambiguous) and contemporary figures. It is one of the most popular HBO television shows ever and its popularity is on the rise. In this volume, twenty philosophers address issues in political philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, feminism, and metaphysics. Gregory Littman analyzes Nucky Thomson as a Machiavellian Prince. In contrast, Richard Greene casts Thomson in the role of a Nietzschean superman. Michael Da Silva looks at the complex relationship between Nucky and Jimmy (Nucky’s young protégé). Jimmy feels resentment towards Nucky for the role he played in bringing together Jimmy’s father and his very young mother. Is this resentment justified given that Jimmy would never have come into existence had his parents not met? Is there a moral difference between the harm that Nucky allowed to happen and the direct harm caused by Jimmy’s father? Don Fallis considers the ethics of lying in the seedy world of bootlegging. Agent Van Allen’s unique religious attitudes bring a warped sense of morality to the Boardwalk universe. Roberto Sirvent brings to light the moral character of Van Alden’s God. Thomson advises to “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” Rod Carveth explores the role that storytelling pays in the series and Cam Cobb illustrates the role of deception. Pat Brace and Maria Kingsbury address “Outsiders, Alcohol and All That Jazz”—the aesthetics of Boardwalk Empire and the prohibition era. Margaret Schroeder is used as a vehicle for the female voice of the era. Rachel Robison-Greene discusses the role that gender plays in the direction of the series. Ron Hirschbein lends a Freudian Analysis. This book is directed at thoughtful fans of Boardwalk Empire. It’s the only book to address the popular show from a thoughtful yet instantly readable perspective.

The Brotherhoods

Author: Guy Lawson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416547884
Release Date: 2006-11-28
Genre: True Crime

INSIDE THE MOB. INSIDE THE NYPD. THE LAST GREAT MAFIA BOOK OF OUR TIME. The Brotherhoods is the chilling chronicle of the shocking crimes of NYPD detectives Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito, notorious rogue cops found guilty in April 2006 of the ultimate form of police corruption -- shielding their criminal deeds behind their badges while they worked for the mafia. Their crimes include participation in the murders of at least eight men, kidnapping, and the betrayal of an entire generation of New York City detectives, federal agents, and prosecutors. "One of the most spectacular police corruption scandals in the city's history," proclaimed the New York Times in its front-page coverage of the jury's verdict. This gripping, true-life detective story is remarkable for its psychological intrigue, criminal audacity, and paranoid, blood-soaked fury. Written by prize-winning journalist Guy Lawson and William Oldham, the brilliant detective who quietly and relentlessly investigated the rogue cops for seven years, The Brotherhoods provides unparalleled access to the secretive workings of both the NYPD and organized crime -- their hierarchies, rituals, and codes of conduct. Sprawling from Manhattan to Las Vegas to Hollywood, this incredible story features wiseguys, hit men on the lam, snitches, cops on the take, girlfriends who should know better, a crooked accountant, corrupt jewelers, streetwise detectives, flamboyant defense attorneys, ice-cool prosecutors, a distinguished federal judge, and a gallery of other unforgettable characters, many hiding secrets they are afraid to reveal. In yet another turn of events, in June 2006 a federal judge vacated the convictions on statute of limitations grounds, even as he cited overwhelming evidence that Caracappa and Eppolito had committed "heinous and violent crimes." The U.S. Attorney's Office, which had won the convictions, has appealed the ruling. The conviction of the two men by a jury and the judge's reiteration of their guilt underscore the amazing story of The Brotherhoods. Destined to rank with such modern crime classics as Serpico, Donnie Brasco, and Wiseguy, this quintessential American mob tale goes to the hearts of two brotherhoods -- the police and the mafia -- and the two cops who belonged to both.

Ed Koch and the Rebuilding of New York City

Author: Jonathan Soffer
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231520904
Release Date: 2010-10-22
Genre: History

In 1978, Ed Koch assumed control of a city plagued by filth, crime, bankruptcy, and racial tensions. In 1989, by the end of his mayoral run and despite the Wall Street crash of 1987, neighborhoods and infrastructure were being rebuilt. Unlike many American cities, Koch's New York was growing, not shrinking. Gentrification brought new businesses to neglected corners and converted low-end rental housing to coops and condos. Nevertheless, not all the change was positive-AIDS, crime, homelessness, and violent racial conflict increased, marking a time of great, if somewhat uneven, transition. For better or worse, Koch's efforts convinced many New Yorkers to embrace a new political order that subsidized business, particularly finance, insurance, and real estate, and privatized public space. Each phase of the city's recovery required difficult choices between moneyed interests and social services, forcing Koch to be both a moderate and a pragmatist as he tried to mitigate growing economic inequality. Throughout, Koch's rough rhetoric (attacking his opponents as "crazy," "wackos," and "radicals") prompted the charge that he was racially divisive. The first book to recast Koch's legacy through personal and mayoral papers, authorized interviews, and oral histories, this volume plots a history of New York City through two rarely studied but crucial decades, the bankruptcy of the 1970s and the recovery and crash of the 1980s.

Ice Man

Author: Philip Carlo
Publisher: Piper Fahrenheit
ISBN: 9783492983389
Release Date: 2017-03-13
Genre: True Crime

Er führte ein schockierendes Doppelleben: Hinter dem liebevollen Familienvater Richard Kuklinski verbirgt sich einer der grausamsten Auftragsmörder der USA. In über vierzig Jahren ermordet er mehr als 200 Menschen im Auftrag der Mafia. Seine eiskalten Taten verleihen ihm den Namen »Ice Man«. Und das Unglaubliche: Seine Familie ahnt nichts ... Bestsellerautor Philip Carlo erzählt seine Lebensgeschichte: spannend, packend und eiskalt.

Der Canyon

Author: Douglas Preston
Publisher: Knaur eBook
ISBN: 9783426555521
Release Date: 2010-04-22
Genre: Fiction

Es sollte nichts weiter werden als ein abendlicher Ausritt. Doch dann zerreißen Schüsse die Stille des Canyons. Wenig später findet Tom Broadbent einen tödlich verwundeten Archäologen. Mit letzter Kraft vertraut ihm dieser ein Buch an, das mit verschlüsselten Informationen gefüllt ist. Was bedeuten sie – und wer wäre bereit, dafür über Leichen zu gehen? Tom beginnt zu recherchieren – und ahnt nicht, dass er sich damit in tödliche Gefahr bringt. Denn der Canyon hütet seit Jahrhunderten ein erschütterndes Geheimnis ... Vom Autor des Bestsellers »Der Codex«! Der Canyon von Douglas Preston: Spannung pur im eBook!


Author: Richard Price
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 9783104017006
Release Date: 2011-05-16
Genre: Fiction

Clockers – das sind schwarze Dealer, die weiße Klientel 24 Stunden am Tag, 7 Tage die Woche beliefern. Hier im Slum, wo die Welt rau ist, steht die Polizei aggressiv daneben, die Stadt resigniert. Bis sich die Spannung wieder in einer Explosion entlädt. Richard Price hat dieses Szenarium in seinem grandiosen Meisterwerk »Clockers« umgesetzt. Es entstand ein handlungsgetriebener und vor Spannung berstender Großstadtroman, den Spike Lee mit Harvey Keitel verfilmt hat und der den Grundriss für die gefeierte Fernsehserie »The Wire« schuf.

Der Sizilianer

Author: Mario Puzo
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783644403413
Release Date: 2009-10-05
Genre: Fiction

Im Fadenkreuz der Mafia Sizilien 1950: Die Zeit des Exils auf Sizilien neigt sich für Michael Corleone dem Ende zu. Sein Vater, der mächtige Don, hat ihn beauftragt, den jungen sizilianischen Mafioso Salvatore Giuliano nach Amerika zu begleiten. Für das sizilianische Volk ist Giuliano ein Held, doch mit seinem Kampf gegen die korrupte Regierung in Rom hat er sich einflussreiche Feinde geschaffen. Nicht nur die Polizei ist ihm auf den Fersen, sondern auch der mächtige Mafiaboss Don Croce. Wird es Michael gelingen, den Auftrag seines Vaters auszuführen?


Author: Stephanie Danler
Publisher: Aufbau Digital
ISBN: 9783841212887
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Genre: Fiction

„›Sweetbitter‹ wird eine Menge Leute hungrig machen.“ The New York Times Eigentlich wollte Tess nicht Kellnerin werden. Sie wollte ihrer provinziellen Herkunft entkommen, in die Großstadt eintauchen und endlich herausfinden, wofür sie geschaffen ist. Doch dann landet sie in einem edlen New Yorker Restaurant und es ist wie der Eintritt in ein neues Universum, in dem ganz eigene Regeln und Gesetze herrschen, in dem der falsche Wein im falschen Moment zum Verhängnis werden kann. Oder die Ignoranz gegenüber der Einzigartigkeit einer Auster. Sweetbitter ist ein großer Roman über den Genuss und die Obsession – darüber, dass man manchmal besessen sein muss, um wirklich genießen zu können. „Eine rohe, schnörkellose, beißende, wilde Liebesgeschichte.“ People Magazine