Author: Egan Yip
Publisher: Egan Yip
Release Date: 2010-10-23
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

The world has fallen asleep...and the only hope for mankind's survival rests upon the fragile alliance between dogs, cats...and a few really tired teens.Kevin's a bit of a slacker. After pulling off an all-nighter to finish his homework, he finds himself in a bit of a bind: there's no one at school. No place to turn in his paper. But that's the least of his problems.He discovers that everyone--his family, his neighbors, and his friends--is still asleep. The whole still asleep...and there's nothing he can do about it. His only lively companion is his next-door neighbor, Andrew, who also didn't go to bed the night before.And just when he wants to fall asleep himself, he is approached by a! The pets have formed an alliance known as the HPC, the Household Pet Coalition, and they are searching for a way to save their masters.In order to solve this mystery, Kevin must gather allies from all over and fight back against the wild animals that threaten to attack the vulnerable humans. But to do that...he must stay awake for as long as he can...before he too falls asleep...and will never awaken....


Author: Steven Lee Beeber
ISBN: 1933368799
Release Date: 2007-07-28
Genre: Health & Fitness

An anthology of stories, poems, and essays for late-night readings celebrates sleeplessness, from humorist Steven Brykman's participation in a sleep study, to writer Steve Almond's discussion of Lincoln's nightmare analysis, to Jonathan Messinger's tale about a winged girl who dreams about falling. Original.


Author: Raquel Ayllon Cebrian
Publisher: Europäische Verlagsgesellschaften GmbH
ISBN: 9783038303589
Release Date: 2017-10-09
Genre: Health & Fitness

Mit diesem Buch begibst du dich auf eine Reise zu dir selbst, zu einem tieferen Körperempfinden, neuer Lebensenergie und tiefer Erkenntnis. Beim Yoga geht es darum, Raum für sich selbst zu finden. Jeder tiefe Atemzug schafft Raum in deinem Körper und Geist. Je tiefer du atmest desto mehr Raum öffnet sich in dir. Es geht darum, mit dir selbst in Kontakt zu treten, sich selbst kennen zu lernen damit der Körper von Innen heraus schön und stark wird. Du schaffst Raum in dir selbst und findest zu einem klaren, ruhigen und konzentrierten Geist voller Kreativität. Yoga ist der Zugang zur Inneren Intuition und den Tiefen deines Selbst. Konzentration, Bewusstsein, Entspannung und korrektes Atmen sind Schlüssel zum Erfolg vom Yoga.


Author: Russell Hamner
ISBN: 1604621524
Release Date: 2008-05-01
Genre: Religion

Author Russell Hamner takes you on an unparalleled journey answering all the aged problems in the sensitive issues of religion, politics, and philosophy. Awake: The Third Testament smashes all preconceived social ideas and lays out a plan to wipe out crime, end hunger, end unemployment, double the economy, have true science and education, and fix the broken government all in the name of God. Beginning with religion author Russell Hamner peels back the layers of deception that have shrouded the truth for the last two thousand years, clearly showing those truths which bring the promises of God into reality, truths that in today's religion only exist in the hopes and dreams of your mind.


Author: Natasha Preston
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781492618539
Release Date: 2015-08-04
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Don't miss the latest gripping, high-stakes thriller from Wattpad sensation Natasha Preston, author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Cellar. Of course, the dress was white. This is what I'm supposed to die in, I thought. Not many people knew what their last outfit would be. I pulled it over my head. It fit me perfectly. It had long, loose fitting sleeves, a modest neckline, and waves of material on the skirt. I hated it. There were no shoes, and I was afraid I'd have to run through the forest barefoot but there weren't a lot of options. Besides, I'd run barefoot over a bed of nails to get away. "Scarlett, are you ready?" he called. I looked in the mirror and took a deep breath. Time to fight for my life. Scarlett Garner doesn't remember anything before the age of four-until a car accident changes everything. She starts to remember pieces of a past that frighten her. A past her parents hid from her...and a secret that could get her killed.


Author: Elisa Watanabe
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 9781449779931
Release Date: 2013-01-04
Genre: Religion

This is a true account of what happened when Elisa Watanabe went into a coma in late 2010. Her diagnosis was rare, with little chance of survival. This book describes her hardships during and after the coma. Her recovery has been called a miracle.

Wide Awake

Author: Diana Winston
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399528970
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Religion

Introduces the fundamental principles and practices of Buddhism to teenage readers, explaining the ancient teachings and how they relate to such crucial issues as self-esteem, dealing with stress and emotional problems, fostering peace, and coping with peer pressure, and offering advice on meditation. Original.

Awake America

Author: William Temple Hornaday
ISBN: NYPL:33433081555611
Release Date: 1918
Genre: National characteristics, American

Wide Awake

Author: Patricia Morrisroe
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
ISBN: 9780679603634
Release Date: 2010-05-04
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A fourth-generation insomniac, Patricia Morrisroe decided that the only way she’d ever conquer her lifelong sleep disorder was by becoming an expert on the subject. So, armed with half a century of personal experience and a journalist’s curiosity, she set off to explore one of life’s greatest mysteries: sleep. Wide Awake is the eye-opening account of Morrisroe’s quest—a compelling memoir that blends science, culture, and business to tell the story of why she—and forty million other Americans—can’t sleep at night. Over the course of three years of research and reporting, Morrisroe talks to sleep doctors, drug makers, psychiatrists, anthropologists, hypnotherapists, “wake experts,” mattress salesmen, a magician, an astronaut, and even a reindeer herder. She spends an uncomfortable night wired up in a sleep lab. She tries “sleep restriction” and “brain music therapy.” She buys a high-end sound machine, custom-made ear plugs, and a “quiet” house in the country to escape her noisy neighbors in the city. She attends a continuing medical education course in Las Vegas, where she discovers that doctors are among the most sleep-deprived people in the country. She travels to Sonoma, California, where she attends a Dream Ball costumed as her “dream self.” To fulfill a childhood fantasy, she celebrates Christmas Eve two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle, in the famed Icehotel tossing and turning on an ice bed. Finally, after traveling the globe, she finds the answer to her insomnia right around the corner from her apartment in New York City. A mesmerizing mix of personal insight, science and social observation, Wide Awake examines the role of sleep in our increasingly hyperactive culture. For the millions who suffer from sleepless nights and hazy caffeine-filled days, this humorous, thought-provoking and ultimately hopeful book is an essential bedtime companion. It does, however, come with a warning: Reading it will promote wakefulness. From the Hardcover edition.

Wide Awake

Author: Erwin Raphael McManus
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418566487
Release Date: 2008-07-01
Genre: Religion

The alarm sounds. Your feet hit the floor and carry you into another day. But what does that day hold for you? Will you be punching your card at work, catching up on TV at home, and crashing into bed before you rinse and repeat the next day? Or will you dare to dig deep and discover the incredible potential lying dormant within us all? In Wide Awake, renowned speaker and church visionary Erwin Raphael McManus challenges us to put an end to all the sleepwalking and settling, for each of us was created by God for a reason. He has called you to live as Jesus did—a heroic life, void of monotony, teeming with danger, adventure, and the unknown. Living wide awake is about realizing that the world desperately needs you to live up to your potential. There is a future that needs to be created, and it is waiting for us all to wake up and get out of bed. The alarm has sounded, and it is time to shake off the slumber. It’s time to live, to create, to imagine, to dream . . . Wide Awake.


Author: Joel Sheldon Clark
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310335801
Release Date: 2012-04-03
Genre: Religion

Joel Clark’s heart-pounding, tear-jerking, laugh-out-loud stories didn’t happen by accident. His life of adventure ignited when he embraced the journey God had planned for him—the story God wants to tell through each one of us. With interactive film clips and personal interviews embedded in this Zondervan ebook, Joel invites you into the story Jesus is telling in the middle of the orphan crisis in Africa, the heart-rending tragedy that followed the Haiti earthquake, as well as his own quirky and very real love story. As you meet the characters who have shaped Joel’s journey, you’ll see Jesus through the tears of a young slave in Africa and witness intimate conversations with child soldiers in Haiti and youth group kids in South Africa. And you’ll be challenged to enter a God-adventure of your own. Because, according to Clark, another person’s experiences are never enough. Your unique passions, gifts and circumstances are calling you to live big and say yes. What part of the unfolding story is Jesus longing to tell through you? It’s time to do it ... for the story.


Author: Steven A. Campos
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781499045314
Release Date: 2014-08-04
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

40 years of gray is about the next 15 years and the final generation who will witness the greatest event in the history of the world, the Second Coming and the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ. How do I know, the Holy Spirit appeared in my living room and told me so. Very soon all of mankind will no longer be able to sit on the fence about the God of the Bible or the god of this world system, you must choose one! When God told Noah to build an Ark, He gave mankind a 100 year warning, is November 2018 the end of the 100 year warning this date is in the Bible. The Psalms 83 war tells about a future war where Israel is about to become the Middle East superpower, this war could start in 2016. Will the Jews place the second stone to the third temple in 2017? November-06-2012 should be known as a national day of suicide, America has gone past the point of no return and will soon fall from its position as the world’s leader, China the sleeping giant is about to make their move. Unfortunately for all of secular society time for avoiding the final pope #266 Peter the Roman who will rule during the 7 year tribulation is here. God has numbered the days of Satan’s kingdom, it is almost finished! Democratic Socialism exposing one of the biggest secrets on planet earth! Millions of people around the world believe in Extraterrestrials the rulers of darkness are about to be revealed to the human race. The human mind is being prepped for the STRONG DELUSION! Was the 2004 Boston Red Sox the greatest comeback of all times or was there one better? Female Ejaculation it’s time to discuss what God was not ashamed to create!


Author: Elizabeth Graver
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 0805065393
Release Date: 2004-04-07
Genre: Fiction

A mother seeks freedom for her young son—and rediscovers her own need for it in the process—in this powerful novel about family, identity, and love Once a painter, a traveler, a lover of light, Anna Simon has been living in the dark ever since she gave birth to Max, a child with a rare genetic disease for whom even an hour in sunlight could prove fatal. For years, Anna has home schooled Max and structured her life around his, despite the fact that her husband, Ian, favors mainstreaming. When Anna learns of a camp in upstate New York for children with the disease, she sees room for a compromise—a sanctuary for Max, a place where he can interact with other children and be both safe and free. And so the summer that Max is nine, the family heads off to Camp Luna. At first, it seems like the answer to their problems. But as Anna is drawn into life there and gets to know Hal, the camp’s charismatic founder, freedom and safety prove to be complicated things. What begins as a novel about a mother with a sick child quickly becomes an intricate examination of one woman’s identity as Anna—given sudden breathing room—looks around at her life and finds that she has lost track of essential pieces of herself. What, exactly, are safety and freedom? And at what cost—to one’s self and the people in one’s life—should they be protected and pursued? Beautifully written, emotionally wrenching, Awake showcases the strengths of Elizabeth Graver’s acclaimed previous novel, The Honey Thief, the focus shifting from childhood to adulthood, to limn the passions and intricacies of a woman’s mind and heart.


Author: Silvia Maria Porro
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781504345491
Release Date: 2015-12-08
Genre: Poetry

Awake is an expression of source—that collective consciousness that awakens, flows, evolves, and ascends through all living beings. I began to write Awake fifteen years ago. Its voice has evolved, along with my own, through awakenings that have brought into my life my most meaningful connections with source. I know they’re continually evolving in an awakened state. The voice that is Awake travels from intimate moments of connections and the transcendence of life, love, joy, and loss to the empowerment and evolution of cultural, familial, gender, social, and sexual identities. • Awake speaks to an interspecies collective consciousness powerful enough to prevent the extinction of endangered animals on Earth. • Awake empowers freedom from oppression and repression. It speaks to the essence of a free life. A testament to healing through nature; it speaks to the restoration of Earth’s natural habitats. • Awake may instill in the reader a transcendent recovery of her or his life in the present moment. It is a calling to conscious living, connected to that transcendent energy alive in all of us. • Awake is a collection of poems on transcendence—the continual ascension of life. Through intimate moments in the empowerment of the now, Awake becomes a transcendence of the scarcity of loneliness experienced by all living beings. This change is born with the embrace of a oneness of being. • Awake speaks to our connection with the expansive Universe and non-physical transcendent energy. • Awake provides a view of the beauty and oneness of transcendence from physical to non-physical