Armoured Trains

Author: Paul Malmassari
ISBN: 9781848322653
Release Date: 2016-11-14
Genre: Transportation

The military was quick to see the advantages of railways in warfare, whether for the rapid deployment of men or the movement of heavy equipment like artillery. From here it was a short step to making the train a potent weapon in its own right a mobile fort or a battleship on rails. Armed and armoured, they became the first practical self-propelled war machines, which by the time of the American Civil War were able to make a significant contribution to battlefield success. Thereafter, almost every belligerent nation with a railway system made some use of armoured rolling stock, ranging from low-intensity colonial policing to the massive employment of armoured trains during the Russian Civil War. And although they were somewhat eclipsed as frontline weapons by the development of the tank and other AFVs, armoured trains retained a role as late as the civil wars in the former republic of Yugoslavia. This truly encyclopaedic book covers, country by country, the huge range of fighting equipment that rode the rails over nearly two centuries. While it outlines the place of armoured trains in the evolution of warfare, it concentrates on details of their design through a vast array of photographs and the authors meticulous drawings. Published in French in 1989, this highly regarded work has been completely revised and expanded for this English edition. It remains the last word on the subject.

Armored Trains

Author: Steven J. Zaloga
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781849089692
Release Date: 2011-07-20
Genre: History

First seen during the American Civil War and later appearing in the Franco-Prussian War and the Anglo-Boer Wars, the armored train came to prominence on the Eastern Front during World War I. It was also deployed during the Russian Civil War and the technology traveled east into the Chinese Civil War, and the subsequent war with Japan. It saw service on the Russian Front in World War II, but was increasingly sidelined because of its vulnerability to air attack. Steven J Zaloga examines the origins and development of the armored train, focusing equally on the technical detail and on the fascinating story of how armored trains were actually used in combat. This title will appeal to armor, military history and railroad enthusiasts alike.

German Armored Trains 1904 1945

Author: Wolfgang Sawodny
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited
ISBN: 0764335235
Release Date: 2010
Genre: History

This new book is the definitive reference on this little known subject. Starting with the first German uses of military armored trains in the early 1900s, the book continues through the World War I and Reichswehr periods, to World War II, the main focus of the book. Detailed design, construction, and technical aspects are discussed, as well as analysis of armored train operations on all war fronts that saw them used: Poland, France, the Balkans, Italy, and their extensive use on the Russian Front. Also covered are the use of captured trains, noted personnel, and a history of each train unit.

River Gunboats

Author: Roger Branfill-Cook
Publisher: US Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 1591146143
Release Date: 2017-07-15
Genre: History

The first recorded engagement by a steam-powered warship took place on a river in 1824 when the Honourable East India Company's gunboat Diana moved into action on the Irrawaddy River in Burma. In the 150 years that followed, river gunboats played a significant part in over forty campaigns and individual actions. River gunboats proved to be the decisive factor in river campaigns of the American Civil War; in the French conquest of Indochina; during Kitchener's advance on Khartoum; and on the Rufiji and Tigris during the Great War. These warships fought for the Paris Commune; on the rivers of South America; against the Bolsheviks; and during the Second World War in the open waters of the Mediterranean; the Portuguese and American "Brown Water" fighting in Africa and Vietnam, respectively, rounded out the end of the twentieth century. This lavishly illustrated encyclopedia describes vessels of every nation designed as river gunboats, plus those converted river steamers which took part in combat. Maps of the river systems where they operated are included as are narratives of the principal actions involving river gunboats. Their story is brought up-to-date with data on current riverine combat vessels in service today.

Name That Movie

Author: Paul Rogers
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 9781452116358
Release Date: 2012-03-16
Genre: Games

Every classic film features iconic images that are unforgettable to movie lovers, from the house on the hill from Psycho to Pulp Fiction's the Big Kahuna burger to the giant dinosaur sculptures of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. In Name That Movie, celebrated illustrator Paul Rogers tests our visual knowledge of the world of cinema, highlighting both obscure and instantly recognizable references to 100 classic films, from the golden age of cinema to the blockbusters of today. The rules of the game are simple: each film gets six line drawings, delivered in sequence, and—here's the clincher—no movie stars. Complete with answer key and index, this elegant gift book will delight cinephiles who will see their favorite films in a whole new light.

Kampfpanzer Maus

Author: Michael öhlich
Publisher: Schiffer Military History
ISBN: 0764350781
Release Date: 2017-01-28
Genre: History

In 1944 the Maus giant battle tank, weighing almost 190 tons, was supposed to help turn the Wehrmacht's fortunes of war on the Eastern Front. Just two prototypes of this monster were delivered, for its undeniable advantages--tremendous firepower and virtually impenetrable armor--were outweighed by the disadvantages of its slowness, excessive use of materials in construction, and fuel consumption so high that it was, by that time, far beyond the Germans' ability to supply. With this volume, Michael Fröhlich continues the legendary Spielberger series and delves into one of the most curious military vehicles produced by Germany--the Maus super-heavy tank. For the first time, this book tells the complete story of this vehicle, including its inner workings, accompanied by many previously unpublished illustrations. But that is not all: the book includes another novelty, the complete operating instructions for the tank's crew!


Author: Lodovico Pignatti Morano
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications
ISBN: 0847838676
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Design

For sixty-five years, Cinelli has resounded as the preeminent name in Italian bicycle design. From its origins on the Italian racing circuit in the 1940s, to its domination of component design through the 1960s and 1970s, its invention of the Italian BMX and mountain bikes in the 1980s, and its reemergence as one of the leading fixed-gear brands in the 1990s and 2000s, Cinelli has worked with the best designers, artists, and sportsmen to create the most beautiful and successful bicycles in the world. With a nod to references and encyclopedias of architecture and design, the book is broken down into succinct sections devoted to 50 of Cinelli's most influential and enduring contributions to the evolution of bicycle design. From the classic Gazzetta racing frames to the MASH fixies ubiquitous on the urban scene, and from remarkable innovations such as plastic racing saddles and the controversial Spinaci handlebars to timeless components that simply cannot be improved upon, such as the Alter stem -- Cinelli has and continues to set the standards for bicycle and component design across the industry. With contributions from riders, collaborators, and designers for the brand -- including Felice Gimondi, Benny Gold, and Sir Paul Smith -- and with an introductory conversation between company president Antonio Colombo and design legend and cycling enthusiast Sir Paul Smith, Cinelli: The Art and Design of the Bicycle is the best explanation yet of how beauty and technology can meet in this simplest form of design.